The density of light on earth is increasing

The Universe is conspiring for change and growth, just flow with it, BE IT

Lately we have been experiencing several blasts of energy. They all come from celestial corps. Astrologically and other factors collaborate to this phase. Autumn and Winter always give us the signs of what will be pressuring us at Spring and Summer. And this happens both at a personal and collective levels.
The intensity of celestial events grow on January and February and on March we start feeling the pressure of what is asked from us. Ultimately we asked for it but what matters is our ability to flow on the seas of energies that come our way when truly what we desire is to rest…
The goal is, at this time, to increase the density of light on the planet. This phases are to happen every year and are part of the cosmic liberation plan. What happens is that light permeates the ether and stays there. It becomes stronger and increases its “volume” per centimeter . That is felt on us as a pressure (a good example is the same pressure strong storms are felt as a heavy weight above our bodies, they increase the weight per centimeter and its impossible not to feel it). Also, as its well known, the effects of these light growth procedures on earth are always to be felt on the human brain waves as well as the effects on the magnetic field of the planet which grows as a consequence of this blasts of light rays. That has always happened and the tendency is to rise because our planet came to a place of ascension which cannot go back… and so can`t you! Being conscious about it, understanding that this is a natural and needed process on our ascension is the key to search the calm we need so we keep living in a pleasant manner.
The Sun will keep sending us huge amounts of Gama light, the astrological events will also conjure to this great event and all the cosmos is on the same side. This is part of a big game we have been playing and even the matrix events become a consequence of the need for change innate to the nature of the universal will.

We are part of the universe as the planet it self is. Remaining conscious about all the phases we need to experience is valuable to use this light on our favor, to everyone`s prosperity.
Again, do whatever you can to remain relaxed because everything is well. Keep being a beacon of light to your family on this planet. Analyze your symptoms and listen to your body, it knows what is best for you always. Canalize good vibrations and be yourself, a creator of good fortune! i love you


The density of light on earth is increasing

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