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Align with gratefulness is becoming truthful

The rise of energies bring some moments of tiredness, heavy symptoms, anxiety and… often doubts and disappointment.
This is normal, not only because we are faced with our inner self pushing us to work with things that aren`t easy, such as fears, lack of confidence and trust, laziness, comfortable security and pre-conceptions; but also the collective aspect of our lives which show constantly events that do not give us the believe of moving forward.
As far as the collective, understand that what is shown to you is part of a program which has the goal of making you feel weak, lose your power and give up. That is done reaching the mental and emotional selves which ultimately will function as a collective. If they break you, if they break several will power, they break the strength of a group.
We are here with a mission: the service to the collective, not only the collective in which we live in such as a town or a country, but the whole collective. Everything is so interconnected it is impossible to not affect or be affected by what we or others do.From politics to economics, from health issues to education… there are no boundaries now! Everything we do matters. I mean everything! be mindful of this and feel yourself as a piece of this intricate puzzle, instead of someone that is affected by it.
The world has changed a lot already! there is no doubt about it. Think of the world`s history. Although there are still several groups which haven`t seen enough change, this used to be a horrible place to live in. Everywhere there was chaos! we aren`t free from chaos but, overall, we definitely are living a better reality. No one talks about the daily changes towards freedom and growth of consciousness but it doesn`t mean they do not exist.
Loosing will power is the worst thing we can let in our mind because that is our motivation to stay alive; we cannot let nothing and no one take that away from us.
Regarding the personal aspect, it matters to understand that this is indeed very difficult to all of us. The ascension process doesn`t end, brings moments of hard work, comes with challenges, demands a lot of energy.
Each time you feel you worked something, something new comes… Some problems can go for years as your higher self doesn`t stop until you look at things the right way! The universe is as demanding as your higher self because you have asked for it = ascension! you wanted to see the light, work the light, gain more and more consciousness… so there you have it dear… deal with it, meaning: just look at things differently, look at your shadows, change yourself completely if you want to see the world changes!
However… the amazing things you accomplish as you do it!!! oh yes… its wonderful and nothing can get more stunning than riding this wave of being yourself!
Never give up! love yourself more each day, look at yourself deeply, acknowledge the things we do not want to see, embrace them and change your life forever! the impact on your life, on others lives will be unstoppable!
Feel grateful for everything! There can`t be any excuses, there aren`t any reasons not to feel grateful, embrace all tragedies, pain and sorrows you and every one had endured. This is the way. FEEL GRATEFUL FOR EVERYTHING! yes! Let this feeling fill your full self, go to all molecules, to all parts of your life, to the past, the future and show you the present, let this feeling make you cry, laugh, let it change life it self… FOR THIS FEELING OF GRATEFULNESS IS YOUR FULL EXISTENCE BEING ACCEPTED BY YOU, UNDERSTOOD BY YOUR MIND AND LOVED FULLY FROM THE HIGHEST HEART OF YOUR SOUL.
Being grateful is forgiving and understanding that all pieces of the puzzle exist for a purpose. And this type of forgiveness is pure because it comes from the heart, as the heart is the place of gratefulness. Align with this feeling, be this energy. This is what and who you truly are and this allows you to see everything, both personal and collectively, with a clear consciousness free from patterns that do not align with the truth.

Align with gratefulness is becoming truthful

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