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When you feel you are not protected… trust your higher self

We trust so much on our guides, angels, masters… and yet… sometimes we wonder why have they failed to protect you at some moments.
If you ask for protection it should be given to you! that is what we think! well… Our life experiences are conditioned for several aspects, which are meant to help us growing towards consciousness about who and what we truly are. And what and who we truly are implies being aware of our abilities to work all energies at our disposal, meaning how to protect ourselves from all kind of things that are negative some how.
When a negative situation comes your way, matters understand why did it happen. Depending on your soul contract your experiences are meant to help you grow, use your abilities, go beyond appearances, search, evolve… if you are protected from whatever makes you grow in consciousness, there is no point of being here.
There is nothing that can come your way that you cannot deal with. Therefore understand that if you were let being faced with some kind of “danger” is because there is something you need to learn, break fears, experience, etc.
If you look back on your life you will see that all your problems made you the being you are now. What you think is an “attack” is in fact something you must bless and be thankful for.
What is you need to look at? What kind of beings are you connecting with which you do not resonate with? What kind of powers are you hiding from yourself that are supposed to be used? (it can be mental, physical, spiritual abilities), what personal soul essence of yourself are you violating which makes your life so miserable? are you forgetting who you are? what are you doing to yourself which prevents you from being happy and allows you to experience what you dont need and want?
Ultimately everything is created from us, so watch what is you chose to your life and also be aware of the situations that approach your way so you can use them to growth instead of victimization. To do this work focus yourself always, i repeat: always, on your pure heart center, do not let anger and disappointment rule and trust on yourself and the universe. Your higher self knows always what to send you in order to make sure you keep approaching her/him.
Stay always centered on  yourself, you do that by focusing a bit on your body. Also helps to find a few minutes to go inside and visualize a sparkle of light inside your brain, right in the middle of your brain. Of course having the time to spend on a 20 minute meditation every day would be great. Ground on earth by imagining your feet are touching the soil; touch a plant or tree, walk barefoot, have a salt bath on your tub or  on the sea or even on a river. Whatever you have time and possibility to do.  Every day let a beam of light coming from above to fill your full body and that will work miracles on your self and on your life. Several times a day, and it only takes a second, visualize yourself, your body being straight as a strong tree and imagine your axis as a chord of light that runs from top to bottom making you aligned.
It is very easy to be connected and centered, grounded and strong. Do not find excuses for a few minutes a day,  or even seconds because they are the difference between happiness and success or sadness and feeling miserable.

When you feel you are not protected… trust your higher self

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