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I know you think you don`t love yourself…

Some of us always think we love ourselves enough, and we don`t… But some think they do not love themselves at all…

For the ones that think they do not love themselves… that is not true. If it was, you wouldn`t be able to live a whole life without any love for yourself, being terrible miserable, you would not be here now anymore because your soul wouldn`t allow it… some how, deep inside you, you love yourself. You just enjoy the pity and the comfortable nurturing of self commiseration and indulgence. It`s ok, it`s fine, those are human feelings that we develop to bare life; they just don`t allow us to grow, create, be ourselves and be happy. Maybe… you are to afraid of being yourself , maybe you don`t even know how to be yourself… that is fine too. Do not blame yourself over it, just ponder on this for a moment: what if life could be amazing, even if it had challenges and blockages… what if you could sleep so good at night that life would be worthy just for that feeling… what if you could surprise yourself and discover the amazing abilities you have that you do not know about… what if you had moments through which you could feel the bliss of every living thing so strongly that you could exist beyond time, space and reality… what if you could experience love in the most unimaginable ways… I know you are brave to live as you do, but maybe, just maybe you would not need to be as brave to love yourself; it would just be different… it would have a future… but living as you do there is no future because whatever happens is expected. If you want to give it a try and love yourself more, know yourself more, be yourself more… it is up to you only… everything is a choice, no matter how many excuses we find…
Never the less i tell you this: life is harder that way. You think you are protecting yourself from the world, but you are not. You are choosing not to live, not to show your greatness.
If you would chose to let that inner love outside of it`s cave… what would you do? who would you be? how intensely would you love? how hard would you laugh? what great advises would you give to children? how many ideas would you have? how many mountains would you turn over? how many miles would you walk? I would like to see you that way, the true way, i really would like to meet you on this journey on which we are all pilgrims.


I know you think you don`t love yourself…

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