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What is ascension?

The micro and the macro are the same
We see all by looking inside
We change the universe by taking care of our selves

Ascending while living on earth does not mean you leave or lose your physical body. There are several levels of ascension and those levels refer to where you are stationed at a determined moment of space and time. While living on planet Earth your ascension regards to awareness, consciousness and the physical reflections of this growth mean you are able to transform the frequency your body vibrates at. The ascension process cannot happen without these changes at the physical level because the difference of vibratory frequency of your body allows the chakras responsible for the connection with higher levels of existence to make the growth of consciousness possible.
The word “ascension” refers to higher energies, higher as higher frequencies. Talking about energies in a scale we observe that the lower energies are called this way due to the density and impediment of free movement, considering that free movement relates to all infinite subjects any being can ever think about. The awareness of the self, awareness of all that is, the awareness of The One… opens infinite possibilities to life and to the understanding of life and the divine. One is not confine any more to any box! This growth does not happen fast, though crucial growth moments can happen at the speed of light, but they stabilize and then more wow moments, which we call “awaken moments” keep coming as we keep our doors to the infinite wide open.
As this process goes on, through moments of calmness, wow`s, speed phases, etc. the vibratory frequency of the being is gradually elevated. These terms such as high, elevate… do not mean one is bigger, higher or more important than any other… it means only that the being is able to connect with sublime parts of the self and of the divine and those parts exist only on the spheres that are free to live anywhere, any time and at any dimension, world, universe. This aspect of freedom is what defines higher energies. In opposition, the denser energies are confined to control systems such as politics, economics, power and religion, Matrix, poverty, judgment, manipulation, low self-esteem, prejudice, etc. These energies do not allow free thinking beings, therefore they do not allow energies to grow within one self or within a group/community.
The ascension is done by each individual and it reflects itself on all collectives. From the nuclear groups as a family and friends to schools, towns, countries and to the whole world. It has to be done this way because each being is a whole universe, it has within everything and it has all powers needed to fulfil pure life. Each one of us is responsible of a chain reaction to the way we live our lives, feel and think. We are more than we think we are and if a collective is made by beings it will be exactly what beings are made of at that moment. If all beings of a group think they are powerless, that group will be powerless
Ascension is all about FREEDOM and UNITY in opposition to slavery and fear. The world has been living by one single law: DIVISION! Through division the controllers have everything done, they just need to create division and the humans buy it, react exactly as the controlers expect and this nightmare of life on Planet Earth is a never-ending story of terror. So… ascension is all about opening to different truths, truths that are the opposite of what has been dividing us all the time, freedom of thought so we can be sovereign and not controlled and work towards unity as a reflection of love and peace that each of us grew inside.
Looks like ascension is all about you or me… but no! ascension is about everyone and everything. Ultimately we are just part of a great plan a grand heart full of desire to let joy fill all dimension, worlds and universes. Is all about freedom,peace and happiness… and no, it is not just about our planet… it is part of a bigger thing, a bigger heart from which we come, from which we remember that life isn’t just this, that love can be sublime and life is infinite.


What is ascension?

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