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4 things a spiritual teacher doesn`t do!

An advanced spiritual healer and teacher does not do these 4 things:

  1. Does not use the patient energy to heal. It uses the divine energy which abides in the ether. Most often uses his/her own energy to do it. In both cases the healer energy is always spent as the demand of manipulating source energy is a highly metaphysical work. We also have to consider that the subtle energies are to be filtered through the healer intentions before being directed to the patient.
  2. Does not concentrate any reading on the future aspects. Although future information can be seen, the healer must only inform future aspects which are related to the ability of the student, at that moment, to heal, strengthen and look for growth.  The student must learn the power within to create the future and the exceptions to this rule also must be understood.
  3. Does not promote the worthiness of the student by encouraging judgments towards others. And never contributes to the complex of God the student might have. Giving an example: students that reach a spiritual teacher and proudly present themselves to be Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Napoleon, Archangel Michael, King Arthur, and so on… They all are in touch with false visible and/or invisible masters and they cannot be supported by an advanced teacher. The teacher knows “all truths are true” but also knows his/her truth, which is above any VIP pattern, whether we talk about 3D world or the spiritual world. The Teacher places the focus on the ONENESS and looks at the student as part of it, knowing the individuality is just a necessary separation in order to heal and grow. That being said, the teacher changes the focus of the student to important aspects and must calmly and lovingly address this situations from a non-judging disposition knowing that as ascension takes place the higher energies of the fourth dimensional world take beings often to the dream world of their several own selves… selves that are in need for attention and love. The teacher does not say: NO says: we all are, or: thousands embody that high energy. This is not a lie, in fact is very true. But the important aspect of ascension and healing is being avoided as beings concentrate themselves on certain alter egos.
  4. Does not lie! ever! understand that if one of the parts does not feel any resonance for the other, is ok to not continue the connection. And if the student spreads a bad opinion about the teacher just because he/she wasn`t able to make a suitable relation, is also fine! let go of it and move on. There are lots of beings that will resonate with a teacher and those doors must stay wide open. Focusing on the negativity, on the non-worthy teacher/healer ability, only changes direction to places a spiritual teacher with a mission does not want to go. And… the “lost” student is surely in need for another teacher, so do not worry a bit. Feel only love and gratefulness.


4 things a spiritual teacher doesn`t do!

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