July New Moon in LEO ~ Mars & Aquarius balancing energies

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July New Moon in LEO ~ Mars & Aquarius balancing energies

This New Moon happens on the 23rd. It will be a very interesting New Moon as the energy is pulled up by Mars propelling you to action and confidence. The Sun and Moon on Leo give you confidence to move forward. Although these energies are very positive, there is a need for balance due to a square between Mars, Moon, Sun and Uranus which can be very pushy.
Other astral connections happen which can ask you for patience, calm, easiness and heart centered vibrations.
So… my advise is to ponder everything. Whatever your desires are building up use your highest intuition so you can enhance a dialogue with the universe which can bring you exactly the most positive outcome for your dreams and projects.
Make sure you feel always well connected with your higher self; This next days will put in motion effective energies if you do it well. Understand that this phase is going to give signals that you can use to better prepare your moves.
Also, be aware of the need for change. Feeling open to life, beginnings and surprises can be the best because your higher self and the universe are sending you messages showing you the best options for you at this time of your evolution.
Some of you might have an impulsive behavior, some ego based ideas, difficulty to accept others and also tend to stress a lot due to these strong energy connections we are receiving. There is a need to put yourself in a position through which you can be an observer; observe everything including yourself living this reality you are creating day after day. That is the best choice to better understand the pressure and also the joy and therefore to chose easily what to do, what to be.
Aquarius is here to balance things. It will give you the global vision you need. It will make you remember yourself as part of a collective, that you are not alone. Gives the sense of working on behalf of a greater plan which needs us to be fulfilled with the most pure, unconditional love.
All astrological events can be pleasant and used to grow. Just center, ground, connect to divine energies and to yourself and everything can be smoothly enjoyable and created.
So… your intentions on this New Moon are to be pure, concentrated on the good for all, focused on the positiveness and done with the famous joy of the great Leo.
AUTHOR: MARIA JOSÉ ANTUNES. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. IF YOU WANT HEALING AND GUIDANCE SESSIONS OR TO BECOME MY SPIRITUAL STUDENT CONTACT ME AT:  mariajoseantunes66@gmail.com . Check “contact” page  https://mariajoseabelho.wordpress.com/contact/

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