Free Global Meditation 8.8


As i do every year, this event has the goal of a world wide meditate on the 8.8 portal and heal the planet, bring lots of light and share our love with all.

Here is the Facebook link so you can join for free. A guided meditation will be posted so we can all join on higher spheres and be together in harmonic love and peace. Tuesday, 8 at UTC/GMT 5pm (17.00)

Or go to my Facebook page and you can find it there also.:

Free Global Meditation 8.8.2017 Lion`s Gate opening of Divine energies. Lets all gather in the ether and through this meditation bring energies to our planet to heal and grow the density of light for all. This portal comes from higher spheres of sacred dimensions and it`s frequency is available for everyone who wants to receive it, not only for the self but mostly to send energy to all beings and Gaia. Love, Light & Freedom

Maria José Abelho Antunes

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