The Star of David


The Star of David

The Star of David is a six pointed star. Has a shape of a hexagram; two equilateral triangles, two crossed triangle. One pointing down and other pointing up.
The star of David is the symbol of Jewish people. It has a long history, however it seams very difficult to find out where it all started. Many say its related to Solomon seal and in fact both the Star of David and Solomon Seal, were used, for a long time, to refer indiscriminately to both the five pointed star and six pointed star. Later Solomon`s Star became known by the five pointed star, leaving the Star of David as the 6 pointed star.
Some Scholars point the Star of David to be inherited from the medieval Arabic. One thing is certain: It is a well known talismanic symbol for the Kabbalists. Zoroastrianism used it as an important astrological shape. It is know to be used by Christians as a decorative symbol but in my opinion Christians known more about the symbolism of the ancient world than we think. As this symbol is considered to be one of the most protective amulets, i think Christians used it on purpose throughout their churches and temples. It is not a chance that it is also called the Seal of David and is confused with solomon`s Seal.
Regardless of all the ancient knowledge of this symbol and the use religions gave it, matters understand that it relates strongly with the Merkaba. It connects the divine energies to our lower third dimension human body and it is supposed to give us balance has we understand how both worlds interconnect, how they live entangled with each other and how they can be used to gain awareness, grow on consciousness and contribute to our happiness.
The energies flow from above and descend down our vessel. While we deal with the matters of humanity and the heaviness of this biological life, those sublime energies allow us to live, though we do not even thing we are a consequence of subtle energies. As we ascend into light all lower energies, traumas, pain can be healed due to the use of the invisible forces as they help us gaining equilibrium, wisdom, compassion and acceptance of all that is.
This connected triangles make life on earth meaningful. This is the representation of life on this planet, why we are here, doing what… and how it is so magical. This is why this symbol also represents the five senses plus the spirit. As a decorative talisman it secures humans and helps us connecting safely to our soul origin.
On the other hand, the five star symbol is more related to the elements as it represents the four elements plus the etheric one and it is a strong protective shield for life on earth while humans pursuing their pilgrim journey.

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