August energies


August energies

Next Monday we have the Full Moon on Aquarius right before the 8.8 portal which bring us the usual Lion`s Gate energies and later on the 21st the New Moon blasting with a total Solar Eclipse!
How to fully appreciate this month energies? This full Moon in Aquarius will give us the balance we need, that is the main aspect; On a Full Moon the energies are intensified due to an opposition happening between the Sun and the Moon; in fact we can say that we are being influenced by both the signs of the Moon and Sun at 50% each. Both our action and intuition are being exalted and sometimes it gets difficult to deal with both polarities. As everything in life, balance is the key and that balance comes from awareness. On those moments, the way we feel and react can be analyzed deeply; how much do we love ourselves, how much do we respect others? how aware are we of existence? how do we use earth and etheric energies? how good do we take care of ourselves?
Another aspect is about the previous six months of intentions during the New Moon. How well did we intended, how much did we believe on ourselves and on the universe? how centered are we on our goals? how are we being able to adjust circumstances and our energies to our future manifestation? are we really able to understand that circumstances are here to show us what we have already manifested?
At this Full Moon energies will truly be high! the main thing is to be always grounded on earth, centered on yourself by being aware of who and what you are (your highest version, of course! ), connect with your true self through intention raising your frequency to reach your higher self ( you do it by decision – decide you want to feel good and only connect with good energies, listening to music, taking care of yourself, loving, making plans, choosing to connect with love by loving others,etc. ). You will notice things happening easily and effortlessly.
At the Lion`s Gate strong energies will be at your disposal to connect strongly both with earth and the heavens. It is the light of consciousness, the love of all that is! It is the energy which symbolizes the abundance of the summer. The earth momentum of ecstasy of nature is ready to receive the equivalent frequency from source. Its a strong energy which shows it self with calm (enjoying life, eating the fruits of a hard year work) and also joy, happiness, fun (playing with the planet playground given to us by mother earth so she and us can commune and connect vibrationally). The best way to enjoy these energies is to connect with nature, even meditating in nature or just enjoying it by contemplation and to gather with your tribe, the ones you love and love you back, the ones you can feel free with.
The Solar Eclipse is here on the 21st to show you no fear! how do you feel when your vibrational field is without action, light, order, control and safeness? This is another strong moment to trust yourself, connect with your highest version and feel the connection with your heart telling you there is nothing to be afraid of, all is perfect, all shadows are beautiful as they show you the way to the light – which is the way to find your self. Find that trust, confidence in you for you are the whole existence, the true love and the most bright star in the universe.


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