9.9 Earth Day meditation


Join us on this  Free Global meditation. Earth Day 9.9 – September 9th. A world wide gathering for a remote meditation. Celebrating a new beginning on our mission on planet earth and bringing more light to this planet and all beings. TWO SESSIONS: ONE AT 4pm (16.00 UTC/GMT) AND ANOTHER AT 9pm (21.00 UTC/GMT) SESSIONS TAKE BETWEEN 40 TO 60 MINUTES. YOU CAN CHOSE ONE OR DO BOTH. A VIDEO WITH THE GUIDED MEDITATION WILL BE POSTED THE DAY BEFORE THE MEDITATION.

Check the link for the event here:


September,9 2017 is represented by the divine number 9.9! This day is itself a message to all light workers, to all loving beings stationed on Earth at this time. A calling to our mission!
This day reminds us a new phase is ended on our mission while stationed on Gaia and a new beginning starts. We have been working with huge amounts of light energy and use it to spread love. Each personal growth is being achieved tremendously and now we are being prepared for another light phase.
The ascension is harmonic and always continuing. It is done through levels of consciousness. At each level we can grow more on self awareness and new others awaken! Its a continuous spiral of light that gets stronger and bigger every time! This process of personal and collective growth into light is proportional to the amount of light our planet receives. As Gaia is able to receive and accumulate more light, so do each of us. That is how it influences the collective ascension. MUCH LOVE


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