Autumn Equinox ~Looking forward!

Autumn Equinox ~Looking forward! Today is the Fall Equinox which opens the gateway of your heart for the upcoming creations of your reality. Today is filed with strong, blessed energies that provide you with the whole set of energetic divine vibrations to make you enter on this new season full of prosperity and joy. The … Continue reading Autumn Equinox ~Looking forward!

Have faith

Have faith Each time you face obstacles to your plans, whether small or big obstacles, the first thought is defeat! the first feeling is disappointment towards yourself... what am i doing wrong, why is this so difficult to achieve, why can`t i get to where im planning so hard to get to... Instead of letting … Continue reading Have faith

9.9 Portal

9.9 Portal 9.9 portal of earth consciousness to empower your mission September,9 2016 is represented by the divine number 9.9! This day is itself a message to all light workers, to all loving beings stationed on Earth at this phase. A calling to our mission! This number remind us about the laws this universe is … Continue reading 9.9 Portal

Lua Cheia em Peixes

Lua Cheia em Peixes, 6 Setembro 2017 Hoje dá-se a Lua Cheia em Peixes a 13 graus. Esta Lua Cheia diz-nos que estamos prontos para um novo ciclo nesta aventura na Terra já que Peixes é o último signo do Zodiaco. Então o que faz este evento celestial por nós? Depois dos eventos do último … Continue reading Lua Cheia em Peixes