Full Moon in Pisces


Full Moon in Pisces, September 6, 2017

Today we have a Full Moon in Pisces at 13 degrees. This Full Moon tell us we are ready to a new cycle on this Earth adventure as Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac.
So what is this celestial event exactly here for? After last month events which prepared us for the next level of consciousness, this Full Moon ask us to connect with our intuitive emotions. This means we merge with our feelings and find balance within our heart. Merging with feelings is easy but going there and connect with our newest version, the sublime one not dueling on our lowest, painful vibration memories, that is the hard task.
With Pisces you find your freedom because in the midst of your insecurities and fears you can step into your joyful, high intuitive liberated self. Can you do that? you can if you wish.
As a Full Moon in Pisces the work is to let yourself feel and through feelings you talk with your ego and tell it all is well, you tell it you are the chooser of the energy you want to vibrate at, you tell it nothing can hurt you unless you let it… you do this while looking inside for what really matters. You do that work throughout your days and your nights no matter what you are doing. As if you are an observer that studies from a higher perspective and chooses what really matters and what doesnt matter anymore.
This is what you do during this three few days of the Full Moon energy. While your ego tries to make you feel insecure and afraid you find the place within yourself which shows you you have always been safe, always been aware, always been loved and loving. This is the energy work to propel you for the next phase which is related to your earth mission, starting this month.
In three days we have the 9.9 portal of Earth progression that lead us to an advancement on our Earth mission. To keep walking this path one expands and frees from old patterns, old fears; That is the only way!
So… each time your feelings drawn you to your old patterns, your old wounds… place yourself on your highest energy soul… because you are not this human vessel, you are not this human conscious… you are far more than this. And, all those painful, fearful energies are nothing but human feelings and do not contribute for the greatest purpose of yourself. Ultimately there is nothing to be afraid of, there is nothing to be hurt about, there is nothing to forgive… You see… this is just a dream that serves to move us into the greatest consciousness seeking and merging. Nothing, nothing of our earthly worries matter, what matters is that sparkle that shines day and night so you connect with it and fly free.
Join us on the 9.9 meditation:
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