Full Moon in Taurus showering prosperity

November the third, Full Moon in Taurus brings us abundance energies which will propel us forward and push us towards our goals.
I start by showing the polarity between this Full Moon and the Sun in Scorpio which can make us fell a bit confuse as this brings tension between the light and dark aspects of our inner current situation. What this Full Moon does is bringing light = awareness and clarity to what needs to be looked at at this moment.
Between this Scorpio traits of passion, leting go, overcoming fears and also indecision, insecurity… and Taurus self worth as well as the need to contribute to the world… what is you can find within to help you trust the universe and your self? Look for it so you can move on with confidence.
During the next week, each time you feel a certain low frequency inside or around you, check out what is you might be fearing. Fear is usually the cause of all blocks. And this Taurus Full Moom wants you to overcome anything which might prevent you to move forward.
About the actual traits of this phase:  Its all about powerfull opportunities of love and prosperity  in general.  Understand that the energy you are using to plan, dream and create is going to become real so make sure you believe in yourself; make sure you can deal with all the polarities, doubts and insecurities.
Polarities are part of this holographic world, there is nothing wrong with you. The secret is to dance with the energies and not give to much focus on the negative. The lower aspects are here to show us the way. Laugh some about what you do not like and even connect with it using a constructive dialogue through which you can better know yourself. You see, is you manipulating energies as a Merlin would do.
So at this Full Moon go out look at the Moon, feel it, open and connect witn these energies and make plans for the future.
As this polarity between Scorpio and Taurus takes place some of us might feel, see tension on relationships;  at those moments just stop breath, seek alignment within and see beyond the veil of illusion. You know its all part of a collective/group cleasing and transmutation so dont give to much energy to things which do not contribute to your or others highest good. Because… this phase is also powerfull at bringing us love energies and those are the energies we want to merge with. Love is one of the highest aspect of this Full Moon! Enjoy it.


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