Healing Lemuria workshop program

Healing workshop program available

This programs will be available in 2018 and also 2019. So far I have used this program in three different countries and the results were amazing. At each of the workshops I was stunned by the way Lemuria history and energy was so amazingly absorbed and experienced by all students.

Healer of Lemuria crystal light

Students will experience two separate parts on this program. However both courses are connected and shouldn’t be taken separately.

The first part of this course is about learning Lemuria civilization, how and why they came to this planet, understanding how evolved they were, what they accomplished here and how they were able to use their powers while living on such a biological environment without losing their abilities.

The second part is learning how to connect with those energies, receiving them, embodying them and finally use them to heal, to gain a higher consciousness and awareness of all cosmic and Divine existence.

Contact to discuss interest on this program: mariajoseantunes66@gmail.com

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