Dreamtherapy – A Galactic Dream

Real case of a Galactic Dream!

Man stargazing under the Milky Way in Alabama Hills, California, USA

A very luminous friend of mine had such an incredible dream a few nights ago! To her dream i add strong, fabulos music from my imagination, so it grows with emotions! Here are her words:
” I was in the garden playing with my daughters, i looked up to the sky and it started to move, became maleable and i saw two planets aproaching us; one big, one smaller. As they approach more and more, the sky would turn darker, a mix of grey, pink and red. The planets came really close to us and i grabbed the smaller one on my right hand, then the sky became a gelatinous, moldable substance which allowed the passing through of pieces of ancient monuments as Roman Coliseum, Cathedrals, Castels, etc. As they were coming and falling near us, they were causing a destruting efect such as an atomin bomb! A piece of a Palace was able to fit perfectly on a fall of my terrace wall. We were completely fascinated looking to everything happening before us. I was still holding in my hand that small planet and the bigger one was in front of my appartment building. As i was having all this consciousness of what was going on, i woke up! can you help me?
The emotions were of joy as i was playing with the girls, then i felt destruction as monuments fall over, the feeling of parallel worlds came as well as being aware of several Eras meeting toghether. The gelatinous substance is not strange to me because thats what i believe molds form, shape – the Prana! It opens to bring the past. Why did they could fit on my tarrace?
My interpretation:
first of all this dream belongs to the category of the so called Great Dreeams! they relate to our spiritual essence, who we truly are beyond this earth, where we come from, messages our soul family triy to pass through intensely so we really pay attention.
The sky moved. Means the message as to do with ideas, thoughts, meaning whatever changes the message wants you to see, are not from the phisical or emotional aspects. they become real on this plane through our mind.
Planets symbolize ideas, projects you will have or you are already having circulating on your mind. Great ones!
The sky as it becomes dark refers to the phase you will not give to much thinking to those ideas or even try to fight them. The rose color as to do with the moment you accept those ideas and the red color when you take real action about it.
When you grab the small planet you are accepting that new ideas and thoughts are in fact part of a greatter mission, greatter than yourself! Understand that everything, absolutely everything is united and your actions and choices have a great porpose even it doesn´t seam to.
As you gain awareness of that, your energetic reality changes into a powerful quantic portal because you were able to rise your vibration frequency. (the sky as gelatinous, maleable substance).
Every magnificent ancient building and constructions show you there is no past, no future. Everything meets on that center point of your own portal at the same time. everything as the same value and what you did yesterday wasn´t done yesterday. Simply was… IS.
Everything you do from now on is part of that monstuous quantic energy of that portal you finally saw because you now accept who you truly are. And all you create is as important as any ancient monument of our global history, we just dont realize it.
All fits in reality, as your dream shows. Nothing, although you might think it doesn´t, really fits perfectly! even if it sams odd or out of the norm.
The scary aspects, the atomic bomb… all of that means that in order to build anew we must find place for destruction of the old. To move, change the old so the new fits on our life, on our reality.



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