The personal and global ascension



What we are doing is amazing! Is more than a personal change, it is a universal change! And we do it by changing ourselves first! Moving from a 3d world based on ignorance, fear, control, diseases, terror and unhappiness to a world of freedom and joy, where all beings are respected for they respect themselves and each other; where all search for their own truth and accept all truths, for all is light and based on true love!

So… what is this we are doing? How do we achieve this grand change we so much want for us and for all? Why do we talk so much about galactic plan and divine source? What`s the connections? And why everything we talk about is important?

To start with you must understand that YOU are not alone, then you must understand that WE are not alone, and then you must understand that all, really all is connected and GODLY connected, and last you must understand that what I call Godly connection is all, we, and you…

The ascension of planet EARTH is part of a grandiose plan on which not only humans are committed, but also several star races, through different protocols assigned with different star races as well as with divine hierarchies. And this plan is being done for a long time! We have been seeing changes for the last decades, but thousands of years have been worked through this salvation! Since the planet was controlled several plans have been worked on this world. Several failed, and with what we call failure, comes lessons and stronger plans.

Most of the inhabitants of earth are not humans, they = we, are star-beings. And the ones that control and the ones that want freedom are all living together here now! So, what we are doing is showing! Nothing but showing the difference between two different ways of living; then, all beings have the opportunity to chose what they feel resonates and makes sense for a fulfilled life! What I mean is, by showing to the masses, those masses that are part of that MATRIX built by beings in control of the system, that they can be better, live better, change, be different by choosing to be true and loving, happy and free! …We show them a far better path for their soul to travel here… At the end… who can keep choosing a lie? At the end of what we have to show to everyone… how can choose the old terror and pain? I tell you… at the end of this movie, no one chooses the old matrix, no one wants it anymore!

The third dimension we live in, this dimension we always have lived in is to be upgraded! We are not leaving this dimension as so many of you think, we are bring new frequencies into this place so this third dimensional world can commune with higher dimensions. It works this way: the third dimensional world is composed of three dimensions: first, second and third. There is the idea that the physical world ends at third dimension! Our world can live as it does at the third dimension! That is what we had until now! But we are upgrading this world we live in and to do so we go high on frequencies, adding one after another!

This work of vibrating higher started with the physical planet itself, slowly high amounts of light have been sent here and the planet was able to vibrate higher and higher to the point of changing its own frequency levels. Since 2015 the planet has raised immensely its hertz vibration and this fact is even confusing the scientific community. So, if the planet was able to ascend, so can we all! And we are doing it! We live still in a third dimension physical world and we integrate here and within us other dimensional frequencies. That is part of ascension and that allows us to move into different spiritual levels that we were not able to. The upgrading process into 5D makes you aware of the possibility to move further spiritually, meaning you have the means for the first time to use energies in a totally different way. All dimensions are connected and you can only enter a higher dimension by keeping the previous ones; it is very important that you acknowledge this as you cannot never leave the third dimension if you want to keep your original plan of saving yourself and the planet . So what happens in ascension is each new dimension will propel you to a different energy through which you are able to travel, feel, intuitively use your abilities and raise yourself in knowledge, love, light, wisdom, openness and divinely help you and others.

As you add new dimensions to your vibration your parts of your being are upgraded! I ask you to not cuss about third dimension! Third dimension is a beautiful realm and if there is something wrong with it it`s only due to outside conditions, not because there is something wrong with it by default. It is very important that you love where you are now living, and raising vibration into a higher level as to make you love even more the world you live in! The more you love it the more you rise and the more you change and transmute the lower vibrations.

When we talk about leaving 3D, we are referring to change the old matrix into a better one. You do not go anywhere; you change things, that’s all! The matrix continues because this is a holographic world, but it can be a pleasant one! That is what we want to achieve!

All the process of ascension has been really slow, and it must be that way or we would not be able to handle it! Everything is done through the upgrading of energies and those energies slowly fill our planet, body and lives … giving us time to adjust and integrate them.

As we spread our light and love to influence others in their ascension upgrades, we also keep ascending! There is no end to spiritual ascension, as there is no end to life… and we must find the right balance in all our daily tasks so we do not get lost or low or own frequency.

Our goal now is to pay attention to the ones that reach out for us. The ones that are watching us and feeling they can do it also. Those are the ones we can help closely. Some have deep problems yet to solve within themselves. Give them a hand, by guiding them into the light within their deep self. Do not do it for them – show them the way!

The best you can do is be yourself fully and that shows far away out of yourself. Let them know the videos you have watched and the books you have read. Tell them about all of us that are in the same path. Chose your best light-worker friends to be friends with those in need for guidance. Let them know we are so many, so many…

It is vital that they know they are not alone and that what is happening to their awakening has happened to billions of beings! Bring them to the tribe of light! do not close them in your life, but let them be free and find out for themselves the amazing world of our family. If they are awakening is because they are part of all of us and therefore they are needed. They must shine their light for all to see.


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