Helping the self physically

Your body is a temple


To integrate these new energies you do not need a different approach. The basic needs to vibrate at a higher level are the same you used so far to help you ascend.
The importance of taking a good care of your body is the same as meditating and healing emotionally.
You probably feel a growing desire to stop eating all the processed food you were used to. Please do yourself a favor: start cooking and start preparing your meals. No laziness allowed in higher realms! and please do not say you don`t have money to buy mineral water! We know very well how you put your money in the garbage when you purchase unhealthy substances that do not give you any rich nutrients and you keep insisting in buying them! Listen to your body needs and start being the being you want.
The future is us becoming natural and not needing or depending so much in things that come to our lap already done. We are remembering everything and it is part of that work to remember things that we used to do easily in this planet a few decades ago. Being aware of what nature can provide us, awakening our senses again to our needs and to what is around us and using things with an alchemy eye, must be indeed remembered. Or else we become only enlighten beings on a piece of paper, on a label.
Start moving your body! Walk! Run! Go out and be the natural being you truly are. Lay in the ground, touch the soil. Smell the earth, play with sand and rocks, embrace the water, and be touched by the wind. All that is energy and the amount of gamma-light available in nature at this moment is just huge!
The contact with nature also grounds you to earth. The basic, physical, biological simple rule in ascension is grounding! In spiritual ascension you do not move, there is no place to go, you are not going to a different realm in this process. And when we use the words high, ascending, going up… this means only that our frequency is higher. That is why we do not ascend without grounding the self to earth. Whatever we are doing, we are doing it here and now. We are bringing here the above frequencies and we connect the self and the planet to those energies to change our world. Earth is part of the universe; you are part of earth and if you are here is because you did choose it!
We need once and for all stop complaining because that doesn’t take us anywhere and lows our vibrations and our ability to think, feel and act proper! The world now needs all of us in order to step into the next level which is change! Whatever you operated within must come out; whatever vibrational work the planet did itself must also become a reality for all things and beings!
This is not easy! No way! But… it is simple! And even that changing things in the system isn`t simple it won’t get easier by being disappointed!
And as your body is fully connected with your mind and your emotional self you need to use all parts of you knowing that everything influences everything. As we are here now we better do it in a better mood and enjoying the wonderful tasty, smelly and beautiful things of this realm.
Meditation is also important because all your bodies get connected in the stillness. You may say you do not know how o do it but there is nothing to know about. You just get still and train yourself to stop all thoughts. FOCUS ON YOUR BREATHING. After being able to be still, please use visualization as a tool to balance chakras, balance the emotions and heal the body. Visualizing healing colors and peaceful sceneries is indeed a very powerful healing moment. And you have the power to do it.
Think about all the pleasures you have in your daily life. We tend to forget it because we are so used to it but the truth is we are here to enjoy it. So enjoy loves! Enjoying is loving yourself and things around you and its maybe the most grateful feeling you can offer to the universe!


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