Merkaba and Metatron Cube

Picture by TALAHU

The connection between the Tree of Life (our Merkaba) and Metatron Cube

The Merkaba is the whole self! The connection and functioning of the physical and invisible parts of the self. The Merkaba is made by the connection of all layers of the tree of life, which is part of the flower of life. This sacred geometry is part of all life on our planet. The seed, the egg, the flower and the tree of life are all the same geometric structure that allows life and hides the power of the divine.
Sacred Geometry is the divine pattern within all life forms. It’s a logical and intuitive language; but it is nothing as the logic we know of. It’s a basic but complex description of creation. The sacred movement of existence. Sacred geometry is our ancestor truth and its formula is both intelligent and loving language. It’s the formula of all life energy in the universe.
As you can see in the picture below, the tree of life is made of 13 circles. The number thirteen is the number for the connection with other worlds and dimensions. 13 is the energy that allows you to spiritual travel and link the world where you are and the world you want to connect with. And that happens because you are fully balanced between all the levels of your merkaba.
Within the structure of the tree of life lies the secret to the portals to higher dimensions on the universe. When you are in full control of yourself, and you have reached that inner connection and balance, it means you have connected all the circles of the self = the 13 circles of life = the Tree of Life becomes the Merkaba. Then you gain the power! The understanding, the knowledge! = Metatron Cube! The connection between all those circles gives us the Metatron Cube, which is known as the Archangel Metatron Cube. He is the Archangel which rules and protects all the worlds in this universe. The symbol of the Cube is a great power that changes your life by growing your consciousness.
The main chakras are an important part of your tree of life and are represented by the inner circles. The outer circles represented 2 things: your aura and your subtel bodies. The top circle relates also to the connection that goes from your head to the cosmos and the one below relates also to the earth-chakra linking you to the planet. If you are balanced and if your chakras are fully healthy, you will have the outer circles fully working and able to receive energies from outside of your body; they can also connect you to higher energies and fill the remaining circles with the most pure love and light which can connect you to the right guides and dimensions. If the outer layer (aura) of energy (circles) is strong, positive and full of light, your vibration frequency is very high and therefore very powerful, it emanats positiveness and you are strongly protected. You are also a very good healer and people look for you for help and advise. You can connect with the divine and with higher beings of light. You also will have super support to everything you do in your life.


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