New Moon reveling our inner ascension

New Moon in Sorpio asks for transformation so we can let go of our inner burdens and free ourselves. The aim is rebirth.



New Moon in Scorpio

reveling our inner ascension

For the next 3 days, the effects of the New Moon in Scorpio are to be felt, worked and we can use this phase to plant the seeds we wish to see growing on our lives and the collective we live in.
The only way to unfold the future is to unveil the inner self. Lessons are here to be learned through feelings. If we chose to look at things with transparency and authenticity we can unite instead of dividing. If we divide inside by avoiding our inner parts to collaborate, we surely reflect that on the outside of ourselves.
This New Moon occurs in Scorpio, so the emotions to unveil are related to mysterious feelings we have been hiding inside. We prefer to feel comfortable and not look to what comes from the old self, pain or what we think is…

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