Fantastic Sagittarius full moon

Even the moon is telling us something: you are not alone! You are surrounded by light and you are all together, you are not billions of beings, you are ONE with everything and you are precisely where you have chosen to be at this moment now and here.
Its important to acknowledge that we are the workers of all the changes happening in our world, the changes that happened and the ones that didnt yet come to pass! It is through our own inner changes, that the world changes! and this is vital to understand!
Please understand that you are here doing this ascension because you wanted it! It is part of your dream. Why doing it with fear, doubts and bitterness… when you can be fierce, joyful and appreciate the challenge!
Laugh, let light in more and more.only when you truly believe in you and all of this and all of us, you can look at the whole and yourself with the clear innocence of light. And then… the world changes!!! …because you did it!!! Healing, taking actions, moving further… Set the example of what you want to see around you! much love to all
This full moon works inner obstacles. These obstacles do not let us see everything clear. Through this phenomenon we are forced to contract and then distend our energy in such a way we will gain knowledge.
we also must address issues which relate to inner stubbornness. We avoid changing our personality and we know deep we should be who and what we want, who and what we are ready to be. To do so changing certain things is imperative.
We still have 3 or 4 days to deal with all these emotions. Let’s do it then!

Much love to you all
Pic: tonight in Sintra

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