A grand astrological weekend!

This weekend is an absolute revolutionary energetic work!
Mercury is retrograde in Cancer until the middle of July. When a planet goes retrograde means re-vision, re-analysis. To do so we re-visit. We do it even if we do not want to because energies force us to do the work.
Mercury is all about communication and Cancer represents the nutritional value of emotions and the past.
So, you are going to what is in need of assistance on your emotional body. You must look at things from another perspective of healing.
You will have help because today the new moon in Cancer and the solar eclipse will give you contracting and openings of your energies. To open, share, scream, laugh. And also to stop, be quiet, resting, looking inside. To stop is not to be in a prison cell. Sometimes is just an attitude of inner awareness while you do other things. You are the one who decides what to stop means, ok?
These energies converge with summer solstice as they all happen at the same 3 day frame time. Think about cycles and how your choices and thoughts influence your summer = the climax of life.
My main message to you is: think about shadows and brightness. See how they both work together constantly. The beauty of eclipses and sunsets. That beauty is an energy you also have inside. Its nothing bad,, its natural and a fuel of growth and love.
This weekend with such amount of astrological phenomenon tell me there is still something we aren’t seeing and sometimes relates to simple things as a tiny change. However it surely can have a great impact on your future. Trust you are not alone! If there is a truth, that is the truth. You are never alone, reach out to the ether and call for help. Believe in light, believe in love.

Pic credit: to no cosmos

Maria José Abelho Antunes
Regression therapist & metaphysics healer
Contact me at: mariajoseantunes66@gmail.com for regression therapy and awakening/ascension coach or issues/ problems in your life

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