The new human

Delete old patterns

Create a new human

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We want to take this planet further to a new reality! A reality where love, peace, happiness and freedom exist. But we are all conditioned not only the ones we observe. Looking at ourselves constantly is necessary to make sure our backgroung is not affecting our goals.

Cultural traditions condition humanity for ages and it is still happening. It does not matter what continent, country or region we live in as we all are affected by this trap.
As beautiful as history is, as important as it is, its controlling aspects have a mental chain reaction through human generations.
The past of humanity is always here and it is used by controllers as well as worried parents. The way we talk, walk, look at others, choose jobs, dress, choose relations… every thing comes from what we have been told and observed. Of course things have been evolving some because there are rebels!
It is important to be aware of this and change our mindset. It is vital to understand we are not better just because… others have their own reasons for being themselves. They are also being they’re best version. Why am i thinking this? Why do i have this opinion? Where does this behaviour come from? At least we must find a way not to be mad at others. If pondering about this subject puts down our system of bad thoughts and feelings thats already a great acccomplishment.
Growth has a butterfly effect and negativity does the same. Thinking we are more evolved than others is not correct, consequently judging, posting how others should think or not to think considering our own point of view is not uplifting for anyone. There are ways to send uplifting messages.
Respecting differences is loving, not all different opinions are bad, they can be just different. Acceptance, gratefulness is loving.
We really must think before react. Breath before judge and connect with our best version before spreading bad vibes masked as good energy.
Others have their own conditions and sometimes they cannot see as we see, and considering how we sometimes react, we cannot put ourselves on their shoes either.
What i mean whith all this is: these times of great fluxes of energy, these times of change and hard moments in the world, as we see behaviour that messes with us and make us sad and disapointed… at these moments we need to calm down, ponder and act from our unconditional heart.
You are never alone, connect with higher energies, ask for help and rememvber we are on this together.

Maria José Abelho Antunes
Regression therapist & metaphysics healer
Contact me at: for regression therapy and awakening/ascension coach

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