The 2020 Lightworker

I usually say affirmations do not work unless you are able to vibrate at the same frequency. However, as a methaphisician i also use affirmations to reprogram cellular patterns. At these times i have been seeing to much depression, anxiety, doubts, fear of the future, of the unknown. I tell you now to use affirmations on a daily bases, several times a day. I also tell you to please run away of negative structures as news which only contribute to your negative thoughts and emotions. You must connect with the things that make you feel better, happier as it will make you able to go on with your life instead of killing you slowly. You see stress can kill and bring diseases. Be the one who chooses what to see, read, watch. Control how seeing, reading and watching affects you.
Something i must remind you of is if you really want to change the world you can only help to do it if you stay strong , centered, focused and energized .
Listen, if you are in the mood for being alone and isolated it’s ok. Yes it’s ok. There are millions like yourself, more than ever. I know, you are seeing others going out, on holidays, travelling, shopping, socializing , receiving people in… and you can’t do it. That can put you even worst. But its just part of the game. Some of us are just different, yeah. Don’t feel bad about how you are, feel good, accept yourself, weather is just a phase or not, embrace it! Enjoy your own company, connect with others as I’m just doing, take care of yourself and be happy with the reality you create for yourself.
Believe me things will change again and again, and no way things will run our lives, no way! Choose how your life runs because you are the creator of your reality despite of what is going on on the rest of the collective. You are not alone, we are much connected, more than you can imagine.

Pic credit: doowans awareness

Maria José Abelho Antunes
Regression therapist & metaphysics healer

Contact me at: for regression therapy and awakening/ascension coach

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