2020 We have just started!

All the events we have been seeing are just the preparation

Focus on the big picture

As energy changes occur in the planet everything  shifts. Sometimes we have the feeling chaos is all it will get but that is part of change and its inevitable. its important to be able to stabilize naturally in our bodies the new energies given by these shifts on 2020.  Being the world complicated system as it is, is far  more delicate and difficult to receive changes in the collective. We all knew things would go rough in the world! I hear you… yes and no… not more rough than we were used to… we are just paying more attention to what happens everywhere because we want to see if the changes we operated within and in our lives are also happening to others. and yes… its all part of the changes in the system!

we asked for it loves! we yearned for it! and now, more than ever whatever happens it will be a non-stop sequence of events that will change our world!

Its not “random” anymore in the sense of watching violence happening over and over and also seeing things “coming to normal” as people forget about it; that wont happen anymore. we began a spiral of events through all of our light work and now we must remain calm! yes… calm! or our vibration goes down fast! we must keep working and to do so we must remain really aware that worrying does not solve or help the ones that are suffering! and compassion surely isnt about feeling connected with the sadness. compassion is being stronger than the ones that have their lives up-side-down! is connect with them to send them positive vibrations and pure love, its showing them there is always a way to solve problems whatever they might be and that we are here for them always!

We connect with our divine heart so we all meet with source and bring new, fresh, healing energies to rough situations such as the ones that have been happening this year.

we have more powers and abilities that we imagine and these moments must not put us down! these are the true moments to connect with the collective heart of divine consciousness and bring love to the planet, so each hurting soul can receive the blessings needed to assure the recovering of their hearts and lives.

in the near future we will need one another so much more! if we brought the planet to this stunning vibration, we can surely keep doing our work! we came to this point! there is no going back and we still have a long journey ahead of us. unity, love, and hard work! yes we can do it loves!

Do not think that you are not important! each time you send any message, others feel you! be constructive and imprint your love and light in a positive way in everything you do or say. each time i see a negative article or post i feel it in my stomach! that lows my vibration and of course it does the same to every one else that reads it. we have the old thought that being compassionate and understanding towards others who are having problems is to also feel sadness and sorrow. that is not the correct posture. we do help them by actions, good thoughts, pure love, and energetically by sending always high vibrations. this is the way to work with our lives and therefore to help others. everything you feel, do or think matters! and gets connected to the supra-collective heart, which is a powerful tool. believe in it because you are it as well!

Much love, light, healing and pure blessings. You are never alone.

Pic credit: the daily galaxy

Maria José Abelho Antunes
Regression therapist & metaphysics healer

Contact me at: mariajoseantunes66@gmail.com for regression therapy and awakening/ascension coach

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