Sophia Gaia to lightworkers

A messages from Sophia Gaia to all lightworkers in the world

Be ready! We see you, we see you all and we know you have been, probably, felling the changes operated on your self during the current year.The gate portal opened for these late events is one of the undeniable star gates that shift tremendously all things! No one misses the divine energy at this point and several different consequences can be felt and observed now, depending on the degree of light circulating on each body. The electrical current present on your body now, is the highest so far; we see it, you feel it and others mirror it!

We ask you to be aware of the implications of such a high frequency when dealing with everyday issues and when performing your healings with others. First of all, the need to release part of your own energy may be felt during the day – send some energy to the planet if you are feeling to much pressure within. One of the first signs is irritability! Confusing ideas ,anger, not being able to rest and sleep, to much pressure and even pain on the heart, and difficulty to breath are also signs so you release some light out of your body.

However we advise you not to send to other beings. the reason is those energies that need to be sent to the planet, either to the physical world or to the ether it self, are on stress because they tried to adjust to you but due to the amount of light already being integrated and working within you, they could not be absorbed; the best is to let those energies re-calibrate and re-organize themselves before entering any other field that is part of a complex whole, individual genetically mutating being.The planet and the atmosphere are to take care of those energies you release – it is easy at this time and very natural. You may have been feeling some pressure lately… to many thoughts on your mind, to much anxiety on the heart and physically having peaks of high or low energy. It also have been happening nights with not much deep sleep or even a lot of activity; if that is the case know that it is due to the awakening happening on other beings, which is bringing confusion, distress and stress onto humanity`s collective field.

The lack of understanding about what is going on within their selves makes you vital to this whole process. help the ones you can by explaining things. And do not insist when you face beings that do not want to understand you. Probably they will come back to you later, so please share your knowledge everywhere with every one, for this is the way to be seen and the ones that need you will come and reach out for guidance.

This is the moment to use your teachings for your self. Connecting with earth, reaching to source and staying always on your heart center. Indeed… stay ready, feel steady as you go! do not compromise your current high vibration in any circumstance! it is vital that you keep yourself at your level of frequency, you are a light bearer and a bringer of peace to the world!

Much love, light, healing and pure blessings. You are never alone.

Maria José Abelho Regression therapist & metaphysics healer

Contact me at: for regression therapy and awakening/ascension coach

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