Blue full moon in taurus

Blue full moon in taurus

Wow! why is this full moon so wow!?

The blue moon is the second moon on the same month. It is called this way but it doesnt affect the colour of the moon. Traditionally the full moon after the harvest is called the hunter moon as hunters would have more hours of light to help them hunt.

At the full moon energies ask us to let go, to open, to release and to share. this is the moment to bring out what we have been working for the last weeks since all intentions we made at the new moon.

All this happen both personal and collectivlly. We all receive this full charged vortex of cosmic energies. Thats why some events can come and blast our lives. A full moon is always extreme as it associates with manifestation, opportunity and change. Things come to the realitty of third dimension fast!

This full moon in Taurus relates to all survival instincts, grounding, stability, needs and sexuality. It has all to do with matter, what we own, our self-worth, how do we see the world, how we persuit financial security.

At a deeper level is all about bringing to earth what our essence is! grounding our soul in 3D. Taurus is all about senses, survival, pleasure because Taurus knows the earth can be heaven.

At this full moon and during a few days we can feel weird, out of our natural ground bubble, rebelious, strange. This is due to several energy conditions at this time.

Meditation is the best advise as well as grounding foods like vegetables and fruit specially if they are organic. Time in nature is also great. Staying away of news, programs that lower your energy is also advised. Connect with what is good for you.

The best ritual is always writting your thoughts, your wishes. what do you want to do next? what do you want to change? how can you improve your well-being? if your already happy, how can you grow that happiness and share it with others?

Start your sentences with I AM, I DO. Do not put things in the past or future. Do not say you want, say you are, you have. the mind lives in the present.

Enjoy the next days of this amazing energies. Share with us your rituals or your questions. let me know your thoughts on the comments or contact form bellow.

Much love, light, healing and pure blessings. You are never alone.

Maria José Abelho Regression therapist & metaphysics healerContact me at: for regression therapy and awakening/ascension coach

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