The 4 big changes

The changes of awakening

A reminder for those in need!

Bellow there is a list of events which all of us, one way or the other, sooner or later, go through. Personally and collectively. Its part of all we asked from the universe, so… the universe giving us the tools to re-create life!

For some, these events came early, for some of us it happened years ago; for others things are just beggining. this depends on how your acceptance of change is. For others changes are still outside their field, waiting for the door to be open!

All year long we went through a lot, and still, so many events and energies we are receiving. Everything is here to be worked within us and therefore on our lives so we, together, can be able to move forward on our mission path.. All the changes every single one of us go through have always a strong impact on the global life.

If we look back we see that whatever happened was all about getting us ready for change. Those were the predictions and so it was! What happens is we tend to delay changes so… the things we know we must change are send out vibrationally and the universe starts working events according to those energies. Same thing happens at the collective level. Then… we might complain of things, but they come to us because one way or the other that is what we told the universe. The universe doesnt read words, reads energy; the words you hide from yourself you cant hide from the universe, because previous to the words there was a thought! that is what the universe reads.

So… when there is time for great changes, you go through a phase of preparation, through which you open, clear, clarify, and have time to watch things, which is the same as saying watch/listen yourself and whatever your higher self is trying to tell you!

Then… events come and come and you realize things are in fact working on your behalf not against you. it is always this way, the universe doesnt want you unhappy! and whatever is happening was, certainly, a call you made!

~ Beings that are trying to delay departure from their bodies, because they feel they still need to be here for their beloved ones or collective reasons, are not being able to stay much more. They have grown at the purest conscious level and ascended spiritually and they are having at this time a huge awareness of divine light and oneness. Many have parted or are going to do it.

~ Big changes at work, profession, arts, all kinds of connections! Big changes for everyone. Pay attention to the signs as everything is very important. All challenges are here to teach us how to deal with fear! It is time to leave the common patterns and take actions…

~At relationships things are changing a lot. Some relationships break for good, some others have big problems and issues so they can shift to a higher level, new ones are coming to everyone`s lives with new lessons and experiences.

~ Health is coming to another new level. Great strength is being mentioned by lots of people, recurrent health problems have been totally healed.. Also big health issues are being felt, due to the detox we are all going through within our bodies. Thymus and all glands are working at the speed of light, bringing new abilities to our bodies. Cells are truly shifting and using light like never before. the healing process, the rejuvenate level, the dna changes and the incorporation of the physical body as part as the wholeness of the being… all this is being done stunningly. The ones that are still at the phase of sickness and pain must feel strong faith for they are really healing. Their body needs to clear out all kind of problems and its good that we let that work to be done.

Listen, we all asked for change. We all asked for a better world. Change is good, however the change we want to see will take time. Step by step. That is why we cannot stop believing, we cannot let time disappoint us. the future started long ago when we all begun this wonderful life path of growing consciousness. Lets keep moving forward.

Much love, light, healing and pure blessings. You are never alone.Share your thought, your opinions. Write in the comments or in the contact form

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