11.11 keep the good-vibes

Mantra for high vibration

Work manifestation energy

This whole month is affected by the energies of manifestation. As a personal level its important to understand how to work them inside. We feel the need to be at a constant higher vibration, paying attention to all energies around and use them to growth, light, creativity, manifesting on our reality what we want. Paying attention always to what we do, think and feel because we know we create our world.

Expect this month to be about all kind of manifestation energies, so paying attention to this is half way to send the right vibration out, so we receive according to what we want.

As a collective force we are influenced by what each of us do personally in such a way we can influence immensely what happens with others, with sub-collectives and big group collectives.All groups absorb our energy like a sponge and if the energy they receive is to much they send it out to other groups. So, we better vibrate high and emanate good vibes!

Because this energy works so powerfully, i want you to be a sponge to light, harmony and love. That is what you want to attract and also what you want to send out of your energy system.

Here is a lovely mantra i channelled to help you connect with your higher vibrations.

“In the name of the supreme divine light, i declare i am waking up my God-power! I AM the light, I AM the love, I AM the essence of source at all times, always and through all things, moments and feelings!

I allow myself to align with the I AM presence of love and light hidden within my heart. I fear not! I do not control my God essence and I AM open to my highest guidance from now on!

I AM a creator of my reality and i live in harmony with the Cosmic Laws of the I AM heart. I AM constantly projecting that harmonic I AM. Today I AM perfect and so is everything I AM creating! So be it!”

Center on yourself, align with higher energies, be love, be a beam of light always. Do your part and keep walking this mission!

Much love, light, healing and pure blessings. You are never alone. Share your thought, your opinions. Write in the comments or in the contact form below.

Maria José Abelho Regression therapist & metaphysics healer. Contact me at: mariajoseantunes66@gmail.com for regression therapy and awakening/ascension coach

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