Meditation of Joy

Personal and collective healing

Energy exercise with peach ray

Lets do a meditation to transmute past negativity into joy, to help you and the whole world regaining peace, happiness and freedom. An harmonic global healing using the orange/peach ray flame.

Why using this ray? because orang/peach ray is God’s energy that brings Enthusiasm, Joy, Spiritual Liberation and allows us to access our Divine Purpose with true surrender! This flame is used to reach the new Era in order to proceed to the next level.

It is one of the most penetrating and balanced energy types. The Peach Ray is considered the radius of Miracles, which suggests total collaboration of cosmic energies, but for this to occur, it is necessary to be aware of what is really desired! Discover this through meditation and channel the miracle into your life through perfect balance. Joy in fulfilling God’s will is the greatest good we can offer to every way of life.

Start by finding a quiet and silent place where you feel comfortable and warm. Stay still and close your eyes. You can concentrate on your breathing for a bit by breathing slowly; feel the air going in and out. Some of you might prefer to start the visualization right away. Ground by imagining roots coming out of your feet. Imagine those roots merging into the earth and going down, down, passing earth, rocks and whater and more earth and and rocks… Let those roots stay there and bring your focus to your head by visualizing a golden star inside your head, right in the middle. Let it stay there. Take your focus to a vortex of light outside of yourself and feel the trust. That light embraces your body protecting you, making you feel safe.

Visualize our planet, imagine it calm and peaceful; sense the smells, the sounds. Take time doing that. Imagine thousands of little lights, like candles all over the planet; those are us. For the ones who might feel earth`s pains or humanity`s pain, just remember you are a natural healer so bring your attention to this healing exercise. Look above the planet and you can see a big ball of peach bright light. You see it growing and growing and you feel yourself being pulled towards it. Just go, let yourself softly join that big ball of bright light, surrender to that healing power of love energy. You se others joining you on that light. The ball is coming down to the planet, growing and embracing everyone. It has the purpose of healing with love and joy. You and all beings are now inside that ball of divine light, dense and cozy. You all feel nurtured by its sweetness. Everyone surrenders to it now, all your brothers and sisters are with you now enjoying a loving healing moment.

You are there, inside that powerful peach love which came from source to love and heal you. All is perfect, you feel confident. Now you hear a voice, the most sweet voice saying: “All past pain, all the times you have been hurt and have hurt, are behind. All those moments made who you are now, you can release it. Everyone can release it. forgive yourself and others. This is the moment. Now you feel only love, all the tears are clered away, you accept all that was, release it, You love everything, everyone.”

More light comes inside your body, you see also others doing what you are doing all over the planet. You feel a warm sensation on your body as peach energy cleanes and clenses inside, all your chakras opening up to release old energy. Let everything go and feel the universe transmuting what is no longer needed on you, on others. Take your time, feel everything calmely, no rush. You might see energies going out to the cosmos and starting to feel really calm, lighter and peaceful as the peach ray works everything inside you.You also see what is happening to others, you realize the lights on the planet are spreading and are bigger. Suddendly around you and around the world everyone is feeling the same peace and joy. Everyone is giving their hands and peach ray is filling all spaces, all people in the world. All the planet is inside that light.

Now comes the best power of this ray, the joy making you and everyone smiling and playing. You are free, you are new, full of fresh emotions. Go and live them, share it with others. You are in a tremendous powerful collective moment. You have healed and have been healed yourself.

Concentrate again on your breathing, slowly and relaxed. You beggin to listen the sounds around you, remembering the place your physical body is. You come to where you were before starting this meditation feeling happy and content.

You did a great job! A wonderful moment of love and joy. Blessings to all serving humanity with love and light.

Much love, light, healing and pure blessings. You are never alone. Share your thought, your opinions. Write in the comments or in the contact form below.

Maria José Abelho Regression therapist & metaphysics healer. Contact me at: for regression therapy and awakening/ascension coach

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