Friday the thirteen

Ancient powerful energy

Divine transformational luck

Friday the thirteen relates to the 13 Sacred Keys of Life. It is embodied by men and women as the energy of life is ONE. As both travel the ascension waves of the soul progression, they learn how to deal with ancient codes, wether remembering it consciously or not.

The energy of Friday the Thirteen is known from ancient wisdom to be part of the Moon Goddess due to the 13th Lunar Cycle. Thirteen is the sacred number of women`s holy mysteries, women`s Wheel of Life – Its about the thirteen archetypes that make a complete cycle, the cycle of life! Women`s archetype in each life which contribute to her development. The thirteen archetype ends a cycle of evolution for it is the stage of TRANSFORMATION which lies in the center of the wheel. Thirteen is the sacred number of women and it represents her mysteries because they work in harmony with the universe.

The 13 Key/Codes of Life are held within Metatron`s Cube. This wisdom provides a map to understand our conscious evolution and our soul travelling towards light. The thirteen level is about TRANSFORMATION and it starts all over again as a cycle was terminated, assimilated and consolidated. Its the never ending wheel of growth and renewal, as thee being is able to see beyond what is already done, is capable of expanding the self into another cycle of life.

This sacredness was so immense, we have been taught in so many ways about the badness of the thirteen, so we weren`t able anymore to remember those powers, our own powers, our true divinity!

Much love, light, healing and pure blessings. You are never alone. Share your thought, your opinions. Write in the comments or in the contact form below.

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