Light is the solution

To all situations, even the ones you think can`t be solved, the solution is always, always light!

Everyone, every being, everything… it does not matter the problem, the situation, the dark or the lack of love related to whatever… what matters is what we can do, show, feel and BE, and that must always reside with the positiveness of BEING, the AWARENESS OF THE GREAT CONSCIOUSNESS = LIGHT = THE HIGHEST OF EXISTENCE!

One of the greatest goals of life on earth is to become our highest version, considering the conditions of life itself on the planet, and considering the strangeness of not knowing what and who we are when we begin this journey!

There are 2 real energies working with life in a human form: first is the energy of life, what we think is out of our reach, decision, creation (this ultimately relates with the planet and the collective); the second aspect is your energy: meaning, what you do, feel, react, decide, confront, observe, become, etc, related to the first energy! WHAT IS LIFE and WHAT YOU DO WITH IT!

My advise is you always remain in your own center, certain of your own principals; Of course, we do not always know what to do or what to think. Never the less, we still remain in our own center, trusting our heart and focusing on the trust we feel for life, the creator energy, which is eternal, omnipresent, omniscient, ever present and which never let us down or alone!

Train yourself to be this force, this inner strength that remains in existence always grounded and aware, always observing and finding solutions.
Know this, there is nothing light won`t work out, nothing light cannot solve, nothing light leaves or abandon, nothing light won´t help growing and improving… Light is the ultimate goal, the final frontier to all there is! Being present in existence is walking towards light, there is no other way.

The simple fact that you want ascension/shifting, can only put you in the fastest path towards light. This seams a lonely path, a singular walk, a personal journey; However, this is all about a bigger singularity: the oneness. And what is that? the simple beingness of all that is, all consciousness, all beings, all things converging to the same road that leads to the great SUN, the existence itself, the great heart, the great light, the wisdom beyond all wisdom, the knowing, the SELF, from which we all came and to which we all go.

So… everything you think is a personal, private problem or situation, know that, what ever you think is happening to you, is only your self growing towards the light.

Put yourself always in that place of peace, assure yourself you are loved, trust you are never alone, find joy in life as it is a divine blessing, remember you have chosen this moment and love yourself unconditionally as life loves you.

Light is you being centered, grounded, connected to your highest; Light is knowing the answer always comes; Light is that feeling of knowing all without knowing a thing; Light is trust, confidence, love, calm, providence, connectedness with all, Light is the silent observer that holds what is needed for whom needs; Light is forgiveness, forever loveness, eternal life bearerness.  Light allows love, for light is love in its purest form using life to be felt.

The light of inspiration and imagination says it all.We are inspired by our dreams, moved by our visions and know that we create our realities by each and every thought we have. In working with Spirit and flowing with a higher purpose, and paired with patience, our realities become Here and Now and nothing is impossible.” (Hanoochi)

Much love, light, healing and pure blessings. You are never alone. Share your thought, your opinions. Write in the comments or in the contact form below.

Maria José Abelho Regression therapist & metaphysics healer. Contact me at: for regression therapy and awakening/ascension coach

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