Bring the light


As we feel the energies, as we integrate and grow with it, as we deal with all the symptoms, their ups and downs, we also need to keep in mind that such work isn`t the only work we have daily. In this matrix world we live in, we want to see changes as much as we want to change ourselves. However we have some phases through which we avoid the world, the others the matrix. We see changes being operated within us and we do not see the same thing happening in others. Seams life remains as it was.

Listen, life does not change without you doing something about it. Day by day the effort you have with yourself must be exactly as the effort you have with life. Change is a process. If you don`t take actions life will be very difficult. You have chosen to live in a physical world. You wouldn`t be here if you would not have the task of transforming your higher vibration into something tangible. Yes, there are efforts and tasks, yes! Without movement, there won`t be any change.

However it cannot be forced, it must flow softly or it would be the same as it was before. It has to be a movement of higher growth, not harsh. Wanting things to appear and happen in front of us without any effort won`t work. Miracles happen, i know. But i`m not talking about that. I`m talking about you being here for a reason other than being a beacon of light. running from the world usually get us into trouble, loneliness and sadness. But if we change that, trust and be confident we can really make a difference step by step.

Doing the balance between third and fourth or fifth dimension is not an easy task. Transforming ourselves is already a lot of work, not to mention bringing that higher vibration to the world! We have to move, do things, be active and pro-active! And do it with pleasure. We do it by “dancing” with the energy of life. To do so we stop wanting to go somewhere else. We realize here is home, here is where we have chosen to be in this moment now. Procrastination and difficulty performing tasks is one of the main issues light beings have here. But we need to change that, we must start realizing we really need to do something for future generations.

Making a strong position towards things we do not agree with, standing for ourselves and others, speaking clear and without fear our opinions and desires, thinking about ourselves and acting according to it, doing everything with a positive and impeccable way.

Start by staying away from negative mainstream media. It puts you down mental and emotionally, wastes your energy and your precious time. You have an important task here of increasing the world`s vibration to change the collective and the planet. Be aware of that, always.

Take care of yourself. always be kind to you and others despite the fact you also have to take actions which may not always please others. You are gaining freedom and showing others they can do the same. With freedom comes responsibility. There’s no one to pull you up if you fall, you must stand for yourself and others must learn it either.

One of the lessons is about stopping to lean on the protective father figure of the system. We are the system, all of us. We are sovereign and we can only be it by action, energy moving. We aren’t static anymore, we can show our light! In everything you do, bring the light, be the light. Trust it. You make the difference. Love is our goal, together we trust, we love, we shine.



Much love, light, healing and pure blessings. You are never alone. Share your thought, your opinions.  Write in the comments or in the contact form below.

Maria José Abelho Regression therapist & metaphysics healer. Contact me at: for regression therapy and awakening/ascension coach

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