Preparing for Winter Solstice

The Creator-ship of Winter Solstice

Life expresses itself through cycles. Round over round, over and over again. And so do we for we are life itself. Everything you look at is all about you, there is only you and you are the whole. It does not matter how long that cycle lasts, it does not matter how repetitive it is, it only matters that you can control that cycle by flowing through it`s wheel and manage the energy.

All cycles are about renewal, rebirth. It starts with an atom or less, it goes through your daily life and it has no end; it goes on and on infinitely and endlessly.

Winter Solstice is about going inside and look for the seeds of our essence. We choose to water the ones we still want to see grow because we are always changing our thoughts, our desires and our feelings about what we want to be and what we want to create. In terms of the four big physical seasons we go through, the Winter Solstice is about selecting the growth we did for the last three months. What is we want to keep working on? What needs to be nurtured so we can watch it`s manifestations in the year to come?All cycles in nature are a reflection of our inner cycles; whatever we decide inside of us will be shown in physical reality.

It is a co-creation between you, the forces of nature and the universe. You can ask me: didn`t you say there is only me? Yes becaus there is only one, however you have chose planet Earth so you learn how to live amongst polarity and with a very unique biological powerful house of sacred energies. Here is where you discover your own powers to be able to maneuver life itself, yourself! How to do this, is what you are here to find out!

For the last three months of fall energies we have been on a special kind of inner “meditation”, contemplating the inner worlds; it is a special dormant power through which we look inside for bravery, will while somehow we rest… and then, we go through winter nurturing, feeding, cultivating ideas, improving, taking care of the self so we get to spring as a warrior full of strength and joy to manifest reality and a new being emerges!

This day, as the shortest day of the year, marks the last day of sleep; from now on we take care of ourselves and our dreams. We transform ideas into plans and give them energy to grow. We start looking at what we think is the outside world, with the eyes of an eagle, the power of an elephant and the mind of a whale. flying around our white canvas to seek for the right spot to lay our feet and start living our new self.

There is nothing unrelated here on earth, there is nothing you cannot do or desire, there isn`t any random thing and there isn`t any empty spaces. All is here to work with you, all awaits for your will, sovereignty, love and energy. You are a powerful creature so go and create.

Life does not stagnate, it just moves into different levels of frequencies; and your job is to work with the energies of this world you have chosen to live in, believing you are a master of your own abilities to create reality.

Cycles exist to make everything new, better, improve, grow; create, re-create. Ultimately there is nothing new, but also life needs to remember itself through all kind of experiences and fulfillments. That is what we are doing here. We are remembering that the infinite wants to play with itself. The constant expression of life through creation is to be always tested and the ultimate energy to all possibilities is LOVE!

Honor the space between no longer and not yet

Nancy Levin

In the midst of your most difficult and challenging experience, remember – you are growing. Be gentle with yourself.

Lyanla Vanzant

Much love, light, healing and pure blessings. You are never alone. Share your thought, your opinions.  Write in the comments or in the contact form below.

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