Full Moon in Cancer

Flow like water, connect with water, connect with yourself

Good time for: Inner work, intuition, self-care

Challenges: emotional, hypersensitive and creative

As usual the Full Moon is a moment of culmination of that which we started at the New Moon. This time is good for fulfillment, conclusion and romance as the Full Moon is all about fertilization. This Full Moon in Cancer becomes more emotional than usual because Cancer is a water sign and the Moon rules Cancer giving it characteristics such as emotions, intuition and feminine energy.

Using this aspects we can prepare for the new year by letting go of what no longer serves our highest purpose. To welcome the new energy we cleanse, clear and open ways to bring optimum conditions to the growth of the seeds we have planted during 2020.

The last eclipses and winter solstice prepared us for this work. So this is wonderful for inner meditation, for inner care, for deep intuition. All these can put us in contact with our dreams, our fears, our trash so we let go and can finally focus on what really matters to carry with us to the new year.

Find time to do this introspection work. ask the voice within yourself to tell you what you need to know now. What is i need to know now? what is i must let go of? what is i want to perceive? what are my desires? how can i clear way? how can i walk lighter? What burdens do i carry which i can cut chords with? how can i nurture myself more? First write the messages. Then write your conclusions after pondering about the messages you received and finally write down your decisions.

Find time to take care of yourself. Be aware you might feel sensitive at certain moments but you also want to know you will have new ideas and creative thoughts coming to you at this time.

This year wasn`t easy and the work we did internally was exhaustive. Whatever happened, whatever you did or didn`t do, know you can carry out your dreams. And if a new self is needed to keep walking the path, just bring that new self to the surface. You know is up to you. If you are good as you are, then marvellous. I just want you to know that what matters is you celebrating life and celebrating yourself by being proud of you.

For the next days and to help this phase getting better it would be great if you can contact with nature often, drink good water and tea herbs. Baths are great specially if you add herbs and salt to it (even kitchen salt). The music to choose should be one which can bring up the intuition. Same advise goes to books, movies and people you can connect with. Stay away of drama or use it to train how to calm down and detach even in the midst of what you dislike.

Seeds under the ground on a mid-winter’s night

sleep with their dreams of Spring.

They are dancing, tunneling, settling in,

finding just the right place to begin

their sprouting. But first, they must rest,

gather to themselves the vision

of what they will be.

Is it faith—this survival spirit, this

willingness to abide, to seek darkness,

even revel in it, to be willingly

unnoticed for long months of the year?

I want to believe in my own renewing,

let body and spirit rest, refuse to exhaust myself

in someone else’s expectations, grow old

before my time, cast off, disposed of.

I want to be recycled endlessly, and flower again

and yet again unexpectedly, bloom into

a surprising color for an old woman, ripe

with wrinkled youth and vigorous beauty,

with twinkling eyes in deep sockets,

making them wonder

just how I do it

Victoria Millar

Check here my meditation for this full moon:

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