Thank you 2020

We stay together on this road of life

On this mission of amazing experiences

Thank you 2020. Thank you for all the teachings, for all the surprises, for all the unravel, for all the introspection, for the uncertainties, for all the challenges and for all the will.

Looking back at February and March i remember the feelings of surprise, disbelief, anger, sadness, hope. The biggest feeling was one of being in another dimension as if i was dropped somewhere else, some place like a syfy movie or something. At those moments i found hard to ground, to center and to focus.

As i see very easily energies of the invisible and i feel what`s going on beyond our third dimension, my experiences were amazing and strange to say the least. There were moments of great waves of energy moving throughout the spaces whether it was at the city or in nature; those energies were of peace and harmony but i never saw so many as i did this year. Other times my feet got out of the ground and this happened always when i was distracted with daily tasks. This came always with a feeling of being lighter and as i concentrated on what was happening, i could see those waves of energy passing and moving fast in an intelligent manner as if they were really in a hurry to go somewhere else.

Each time i went to meditate it felt difficult as the weight of the world was messing with my moment and always could feel a lot of polarity energies around the world; negative opposing positive, joy opposing sadness… in such a way it would be really difficult to meditate and concentrate which is something i can do in a blink of an eye.

Each time i thought of the world or felt my heart connecting with the world my head was invaded by noise, lots of noise; noise of despair, grief and pain. Although in the past i`ve experienced this, it had never been so intense or so often.

We want this to be worth… we all do! It`s been shaking up people, awakening people but also creating too much division. I know we will get the balance we need, i know we will get to unity but i also know we have a great amount of work ahead.

2020 pushed us towards a goal: being better. Just as simple as that. Can we be better? can we go further? can we accept the world is a piece of shit even without this nightmare? can we find solutions? can we stay together? can we help each other? can we step out of our comfort zone? can we love despite…? can we believe? can we trust ourselves?

this year showed us we are much more than we think we are. This year isn`t showing us now is worst, it is showing before wasn`t good at all, before was already completely messed up, completely horrible! I do not want to return to what was because i was never happy with it, were you? was the world fully happy? I want to use this experience to keep working to help create a better world where we can all have peace, abundance, freedom, happiness and love.

So thank you 2020. Anyway the year is not to blame, humanity is. We will remember this year as the beginning of something greater, something worth living for. This planet, our children deserve much better, much more. They deserve our commitment, our love.Lets have a great 2021 through which we do everything to make things right.

Let the world kiss you.

Let the moment kiss the most raw and tender

spot in your Heart until you

cannot help but surrender, Open.

Chameli Ardagh

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