January Wolf Full Moon

This Wolf Moon on Leo is the first full moon of the year

Today we have a Full Moon on Leo. Leo is a sign with a lot of strength, charisma and enthusiasm. Leo expresses vividly the accomplishments and what hasn`t been conquered.

During the energies of this Full Moon you will probably feel very happy and being able to wave all your success, or on the other end, you might feel blocked, hiding yourself while struggling around what you feel as failures.

Leo suffers alone, not able to easily share the struggles and frustrations due to pride. Leo loves to share the light, to illuminate everything and everyone. When living a harsh moment, Leo tends to hide until the inner sun shines brightly.

The other several influences of this Full Moon can bring anger, too much confidence and violence. Just be aware of this aspects. There might have a tendency to act without the sense of consequence, which can bring future problems. I recommend during this phase: be calm, act after a serious thinking process, do not just “go for it” in any situation. Ponder, centre on the best version of yourself, find trust by connecting with higher energies, call your guides to help you on your path.

Find time to be with yourself, so you regain all the energy, confidence and heart centeredness you need. If you can do this, you have fabulous energies to help you rising. This Full Moon is, without a doubt, the best energy to look for obstacles in your life that are not allowing you to go further.

In the northern hemisphere the January Full Moon is called Wolf Full Moon because of the culmination of Winter. The same is being happening on your inner emotions, that’s why you must be extra careful on how you relate and communicate with others.

There is another marvelous aspect about this phase which is creativity! I strongly advise you to connect more with the positive aspects of yourself, than focusing on the things upsetting you. Doing this you will find great ideas, new projects, old projects coming to your awareness. This energy of creativity can even solve many of your life`s problems, if you just accept that awesome part of yourself.

Check this WOLF FULL MOON meditation bellow:

This Meditation is an energy exercise to use this wonderful energies and make our year better:

Be inside the inside itself. Don’t hold this thought that you’re journeying towards something, because that itself is an admission that you’re outside. What you’re searching for is already what you are.


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Image credit: http://www.aliciagalvan.com

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