The Age of aquarius

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The Age of Aquarius, the new human, the new earth

Change is ever present, we can only get to the new age by working it constantly from within our center POWER

The age of aquarius is an astrological phenomenon. At this time of our life here on earth, the preceding age is pisces and the new one is aquarius. Each age lasts about 2.150 years. The age changes sign due to the sun`s position at the time of the march equinox because its point moves out of one constellation (pisces) and goes into another (aquarius).

This astrological event has to do with the ecliptic = celestial equator – the orbit earth makes around the sun ( forms an imaginary circle boundary) and the terrestrial equator.This is an alignment between the earth, the sun and the center of our universe – it is a galactic movement. The celestial events are nothing more than a portal for the universal, galactic energies. Energy is always flowing.

There is no certainty concerning when did or does the age of aquarius begins. For some it can start between the year of 1447 and 3597. Some say it already started and some think it didnt.The bottom line here is what does our intuition tells us? To me it tells me that just the fact of the sun going from one sign to another, that is already a movement of great important and that it shakes and changes the frequencies we receive here on earth. And its obvious that the 20 century was a huge phase where mankind lived changes that led us to this moment of an extremely high vibrational life. With all this I mean that I believe in a gradual movement of change!

Spiritually the age of aquarius is a turning point for the collective and the individual. And theres no doubt that we are living a different spiritual moment.

What are the traits of the age of aquarius? Freedom, brotherhood, love, integrity and unity! The technology and computer development, the changes we are making in world order and global economy are seen as a trait of this new age due to its correlation to aquarius sign.

Ancient cultures such as egypt, mayan and greek agree and left us material concerning this new age and they all believe it is explained on equinoxes. So it seams we all have a similar opinion around the globe at different times.

There is no doubt that we feel we all are living the traits of the aquarius age, and as we build a more conscious world based on a more self-conscious work, we know from our hearts that everything is connected and influencing what is happening here now!We are expanding the aquarius awareness, that is the truth! We are progressing into light, love and unity, together as a conscious family!

Why talking about this subject today? I thought oabout this big event – Age of Aquarius – as i was thinking about recurrent issues happening to all of us, why some of us can`t find a way to progress, why big waves of energy seam to not do much fo any of us, or do they? rumbling around all of this, i just have to say, never outside circunstances change things, they can help but they do nothing unless we made the change within ourselves. we are all a proof of such and although we wait and we use energy movements throughout the year, there is only one miracle which can truly work: we, ourselves!

When we try to make clarity of things, when we look for the trash trying to understand what is going on? what happened to my life? I am sure we always get to the same conclusion: it`s me, it is always me and this damn patterns!

Things are very simple but not easy to do. Everything is so simple, so simple it seams impossible to be true. Big theories, bit online programs, big secrets to unveil… BS! Real spirituality is very simple, the problem is we are so rational in this times, we want to make a solution hard to follow so it matches our problems because… how can a solution be more simple than a problem?

Moving again to the initial topic, i know how important energy waves are, how big a portal event is, how energy can change our lives, but we really have to do the work inside even when it takes us to the grown, to the dark places. There is when real change happens! The changes inside of our mind, our heart and the reality we create!

Take care, flow in live with balance, do not fall for other miracles but your own. You are never alone, believe that.





Much love, light, healing and pure blessings. You are never alone. Share your thought, your opinions.  Write in the comments or in the contact form below.

Maria José Abelho Transformational coach, Regression therapist & metaphysics healer. Contact me at: for regression therapy and awakening/ascension coach.

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