Sagittarius Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse

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May 26, Sagittarius Full Moon with a total lunar eclipse

This is also a blood moon due to the red color

This Full Moon can be sumarized in three words: responsilibity, honesty and transparency. Lets see how this Full Moon works.Considering the astrological aspects, this phase can be difficult. Dishonesty, greed, selfishness, disappointment, confusion and illness are some of the negative aspects. That is why during the next two weeks we need to protect ourselves and specially the ones we know as more vulnerable.

What means a Lunar Eclipse? It`s even more powerful than a full Moon, which works strongly on our family, friends, relationships and our home. It enhances opposite forces such as your desires opposing your responsilibities, what you want versus what you must do, etc. When we face a lunar eclipse all these questions are hitting us harder. More than a full Moon, we need to get balanced, calm, introspective and avoid to much action which can be driven from frustration, doubts, anger, sadness… To help, it is always good to connect with our deep self, our higher intuition.

This Lunar Eclipse might bring instability, irritability, inconstancy, excess of drugs and alcohol, mood changes and lack of tolerance.You might think: wow! What a dark phase this is! Listen, these are probabilities and its just a warning! Most of you will not feel negativity at all ok?

This is a call to unconditional love, tolerance, self love, patience and understanding. Focusing on your heart, taking time to listen to others, instead of being impulsive is the way to deal with these moments.

I advise you to connect with joy and use everything that can make you feel happy. Also, talking to your guides is one of the best tools because they are always waiting for your conversation with them and always reach to help with love, guidance, protection and understanding.


I can’t save the world or solve its problems.

That’s too much. Too big.

But I can turn and honestly face my own problems,

fears, and pain.

I can learn to love myself. I can love and serve those within my arms’ reach. I can turn my own life into art.

Somehow when I do this,

My life is enough and I have done my part

Jacob Nordby

Much love, light, healing and pure blessings. You are never alone. Share your thought, your opinions.  Write in the comments or in the contact form below.

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