The progression of our enlightenment

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The biggest shift ever noticed on this planet is happening now! What is happening is beyond any doubt or skepticism! When has this started depends on how far we go behind… we can say that the last few years were very important and that that determined this moment, however those last few years couldn`t possible happened if there wasn`t a previous ascending procedure that took place for decades! In fact those same decades were only possible due to the work of light beings here on earth for thousands of years!

We can even say that everything has already happened; that what we doubt about has been written in the beginning of everything and is stored in the sacred records of akashic. We can say, in fact, that everything is known within and it is imprinted in our cells. So, why do we have to do it? Why is this so difficult and takes so long? Why is this planet suffering so much? What is the point of all this? So many questions we all have… well we all come from a long journey and we all meet here and now! This is a place of free will that has a tremendous, fabulous story! Very intricate and complicated because this realm is indeed a fantastic place! All forces always wanted this planet due to its peculiar characteristics concerning biological life, mass weight and gravity. It is the ideal planet to test races and train slaves. It is also the best training field for all pure souls. The heaven for each self to test itself! That is reason why all past did lead us to this now moment where all powers and forces culminate here in this ultimate grand phase of our mission to freedom earth and freedom all selves!

But… what I really want to talk to you about is the past of yourself, you as an individual, a pilgrim wondering through this place in search for your own inner grail! We can never separate the single from the collective, because all leads to the collectiveness. However there isn’t any collectiveness or unity what so ever without the long, lonely path of each of us! We have been lost and re-finding ourselves in a crowdy environment. And we are still doing it and we always will because there is no ending for all that is! The end is not in life`s dictionary and light doesn’t recognise ends.

Look back and see what you have been through, all the laughs and cries, ups and downs. Everything leaded you here and never regret your past decisions for they made you what you are now. Remember that bad decision? … Yes that very one! Well… how could you show yourself to you that way, how could you learn that lesson that specific way, how could you feel that way, if you haven’t made that turn in your journey? It would be different and yes you would have learned one way or the other! But what matters is that something did made you chose that way and you better start accepting everything you did because getting trapped on those past moments will not lead to paradise! You hold yourself in that self regret, self pity, self punishment while you could be looking at the great being you became, the being that overcame everything! Yes! That is who you are! Be grateful, forgive, bless and love yourself! You had time enough to digest every lesson you made yourself experienced. If you still need to understand, heal and forgive you and others now is the moment to finally do it!

Society induces us into the past constantly for two main reasons: so we lose the self in there and do not be able to create excellent now moments (the constant creation of life is equal to divine motion which means constant growth, consciousness and awareness); plus feeling sick, afraid and disappointed with life will push us to look for the father figure of society which is the state as an institution and that is what is expected from us: being dependent instead of being free and sovereign in all ways. We make our body ill by remembering constantly past pain, and finally, we get addicted to self pity in order to get society`s attention for there is nothing else we can do to solve our problems.

Looking back you will see that you tried so many times to free yourself from the fake protection of society! But the pressure, the games, the fake love… everything was done so you stayed chained and trapped. So… through life we dance the dance of freedom from the cage! Sometimes we feel rebels and we face everything and everyone, other times we want to fit because we feel vulnerable and in need for love and attention. Those attempts and give ups are part of the wakening process and bring so many valuable lessons that we can never regret them!

What matters is that one way or the other, sooner or later we get to be the self we really want! And that is you now!We all think about the moment where the real awakening moment happened. It is something we really need to understand. In one way we do not recognize ourselves anymore in most of our past moments; we need to recognize ourselves in the moment of the click so we can feel that, indeed, we were the ones who really lived all that! The other reason is the need to identify so many ups and downs in our path, understand why they happened, what kept us in the matrix, and what moved us each time to make a new leap!

Some of you will remember a single specific moment for the awakening and some will identify several moments in different times through life as really important, that all together, led to an event that finally made all the difference, made the final click.

Now we came to this point where we feel strange, confused, worried, afraid and sometimes sick. Doubts come to our mind, the heart can`t feel peace, our stomach wakes up all swirly every day and our under pressured throat seams a constant reminder that we are doing something wrong; body changes make us feel that something inside is whirling, twitching and thrusting and we don’t seem to find an end to all this! Some days are incredibly happy and we feel like we finally got it!” Yes! I did it!” – We think “I absolutely made it!”; “I`m strong, happy, full of joy and energy. I feel like I can conquer the whole universe and nothing can stop me now! I won`t be sad or nervous again, nor I will feel sick and low!” …and the next day we wake up feeling totally different… well loves, the truth is that ascension is exactly that! It is not a straight line that we follow, it is not a slide ruler that we jump from #1 to #2, and then we follow the #3 and hope for the #4. Ascension is like the flight of a bird, the travels of the wind and the waves of the seas! Up and down, further and backwards, in and out, softly or harsh!

As you see, everything is ascension, all leads to it, build it, promote it, encourage it! Even what seems to bring separation for the being happens for a reason. So, be thankful for everything and release what you still feel is causing you disturbances. Something you need to understand is that there is no going further at this point without healing from past pain and traumas. You need to release yourself from the weight you carry so you continue your journey lighter and ready to receive the new!


Forget about enlightenment. Sit down and listen to the wind singing in your veins. Feel the love, the longing, and the fear in your bones. Open your heart to who you are, right now. Not who you’d like to be, but the being right here before you, inside you, around you. All of you is holy. You’re already more than whatever you can know. Breathe out, look in, let go.

John Welwood

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