Aquarius Full Moon

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Personal growth

The Full Moon is always a time of culmination and accomplishment of whatever you started during the New Moon. As always, the energy of the Full Moon works with family and relationships. And for the next two weeks we will have a lot of happy energies!

This Full Moon is about private and intimate energies. It pushes you towards growth. This is a really good Moon phase and the energy is all about love, relationships, good luck and adventure. There will be chances for development in several areas of your personal life, such as hobbies, creativity, love, money and spiritual.

This Full Moon is a great moment to overcome past issues on relationships. If that chance comes, just be aware of this and see if that is something you really want or if you prefer things to stay as they are.

At this phase you can see new people coming into your life. They come as a present of the universe to help you on any area you need. So, pay attention not only to intimate relations but to any new connections.

It`s a happy energy! However we know at a Full Moon we can over do it, so be aware of your emotions and humour. I hope you have a wonderful Full Moon.

“it is the feeling you get when you completely let go and allow yourself to belong to yourself for the first time. When you look in the mirror and it is just you. Your eyes, finally just your eyes. Not the eyes which held them. Your skin, finally just your skin, their fingerprints nowhere to be found. You are the you before they came. The you that does not have grief resting in their belly and mourning rotting on their tongue. You are stripped clean of everything that could not carry the way your heart demanded you to be carried. It is all you. Welcome back. You have been gone for such a while. It is all you. It has always just been all you.”

Rupi Kaur


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4 thoughts on “Aquarius Full Moon

  1. Thanks Maria for writing about the full moon. Here it is exquisite in India, and also certain like anywhere else. It certainly brings strength and vitality as well, the monsoon full moon represents the bond between families, brother-sis, father son and anyone who looks up to the stars.
    A vibrant, joy filled post.
    Thank you again, Narayan x

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