Scorpio New Moon

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Scorpio New Moon, November 2021

The Scorpio New Moon on November the 4 is a cry for freedom. The freedom of being able to express the uniqueness of individuality. This type of energy implies a sort of rebellion, hard changes, feelings of misplace and some chaotic situations driven from inner instability due to these Moon.

As always the New Moon is an energetic phase marking the beginning of a new cycle. It`s energy is very powerful and works as a boost of vitality which is great to start new plans, make changes and to open big doors of opportunities. It`s a great phase of growth, to inner quests and to search, question and be creative. This New Moon will bring us unexpected situations which can make us very anxious and nervous.

What is the big message about this Moon? We surely must adjust and learn how to deal with changes. The thing is: find balance! Between the fear of change and the need for change; because sometimes we yearn for change and some other times we reject it just because we are feeling comfortable some how. So, take it easy when life comes and changes your routine and do not be impulsive and inconsequent when you feel the urge to do something different!

It`s advise to live this energy with ease, calm, patience and love. Do your best to connect with situations and people who help you promote positive situations and everything will be just great! Harmony is what we are supposed to create for the next month! Let`s do it!



“Whenever I experience something beautiful, I am with Soul. That moment of inward breath, that pause and awareness of “how beautiful this is” is a prayer of appreciation, a moment of gratitude in which I behold beauty and am one with it.”

Jean Shinoda Bolen

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2 thoughts on “Scorpio New Moon

  1. My New Moon Meditation hunt brought
    me here. I really loved it dear. Thank you. Gratitude, blessings, love & peace to you. 🥰🥰💜❤️💯💯💙🌹🍀

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