Full Moon November 2021

Partial lunar eclipse today

Taurus Full Moon

Partial Lunar Eclipse

This Taurus Full Moon is also a partial lunar eclipse, which aligns with Algol, a destructive star! It can create adversity, disease, violence and disturbance. That`s why the emphasis towards this phase is all about being truthful, confident and connect with our higher energies.

The Full Moon is always a compass to understand what`s not well with our relationships, whats not well within ourselves; it`s very important to understand where is the problem: if it`s about us, or others. Because blaming outside beings is not a solution, we must own our responsibilities so we can heal and move further with our lives. The Lunar Eclipse just makes all this stronger!

The main aspect of this Full Moon is the influence of the star Algol. The negative aspect of this star relates mainly with the collective. It can also affect health and weather issues. These aspects are worse due to the influence of Jupiter.

Although we are under this influence, i must say, energies are very positive since the 11.11 portal. I see many people happy, solving problems and moving forward. If you connect with high energies, if you understand you mission as a beacon of light, if you stay focused on your spiritual awareness, you are surely going to drive through these energies full of peace and happiness.

There are also very positive aspects about these energies, such as transmutation, growth and overall transformation. I suggest you can help others being more fragile at this moment. We all must help as we can because this year`s mission is to grow collectively and next year will be the same. There isn`t any growth at all if it dosn`t show outside of ourselves. We want to manifest the changes we have been operating. Let`s be tolerant, patient and loving to one another.



“No matter what language you think you are talking or writing it’s crystal quantum that’s why it’s all resonating around the world and connecting around the world, the crystal quantum is frequency…we are crystal frequency”

Elizabeth Port

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