Oracle of the week #20

Oracle of the week 12.06 to 12.12

What our Guides say “accept learning”

Learning is something we usually avoid or we don’t even scratch. Only when a experience keeps knocking at our door insisting on dramatizing our life, we start paying attention to the possible lessons.

All experiences in life hold lessons because all experiences are ours to live. Some “bad” experiences we decide to solve them fast, others we surrender them waiting for time to put everything in its place. No matter how we deal with issues, we must look at everything as students.

Our guides can help us but they also observe how we grow from accepting teachings and being responsible for our learning.

Bottom line: do not see yourself as a victim, understand you, yourself on this path of enlightenment go through major experiences in life, more than any one else. Be proud of who you are becoming each day. Enjoy the ride, know you are capable of everything, solving all problems, getting to all solutions, loving more, growing even more and being beautiful!

Sometimes learning is doing as Mooji explains below:

“Throw everything away, forget about it all!

You are learning too much,

remembering too much,

trying too hard

relax a little bit,

give life a chance to flow its own way,

unassisted by your mind and effort.

Stop directing the river’s flow!”



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