Give him a divine ray!

Ray 3 – “Pink Divine Love”, Master Rowena and Master Nada

This Ray has as qualities: Divine Love, Harmony, Worship and Beauty

As Purposes: tolerance, touch, understanding, diplomacy, abundance, respect for all forms of life, humanitarian being, balance between the emotional body and the Sacred substance of the sentimental nature of man, the individual God within the Whole, Divine Embodiment, recognition of the I Am in every Plan of Existence, Divine Differentiation, Singularity and Identity, the Divine Self in full evolution.

Meditating with this ray we summon their Masters and go to their temple where we connect with our inner Christ. We call upon the Violet flame to transmute what weighs us and we can act more generously for ourselves and others. We let this flame clean up our ego so that it has the flexibility to perceive critical moments and overcome them.

Now invoking the Rose flame we feel all the blessings, we also feel that the solar disk amplifies its power in us. Visualizing the great solar disk in its divinity Rose we identify the Divine Crystal, bringing this same crystal to the center of our heart. We feel that it acts at the level of micro and macro, joining our Avatar group in unconditional love, the collective Christ unites, accepts, loves generously.

Let this christ moment fill us, permeate our whole being, expand us and raise our conscience. Peace Is, I am. Yes, everything is. Have a great love day! May all days be love days!


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