Leo Full Moon 2022

Emotions, secrets and passions

This full moon works energies of fear, apprehension and mystery. Relationships are the main point of this phase because your ardor and spirit are expanded by these energies. Where is the “danger”? well… this full moon is so strong driving you towards passion, it can surely amplify and turn your actions into unscrupulous behavior, which can threaten your relationships.

Your emotions are really overwhelming. Your home, friends, family and intimacy are strongly influenced during these days. You will feel attracted for love, warmth and cozy environments and people.

You can have a hard time controlling your feelings. Some emotions such as jealousy, rage, regret, remorse, greediness, mood swings, anguish, fear, despair, can come to the surface.

Be aware of secrets, because this full moon relates with all sexual tabus and fantasies. Instead of having secret affairs, this time is better to find someone who is in the same sexual mood as you. You see the difference?

As we walk this path of growth, we want to be flawless. We want to walk lighter with no strains of guilt following us. Heaviness of relationship problems is to be left behind, so we can be pilgrims of love and light.

Maybe it`s a great time to clear old hidden secrets of our past or even present. Maybe it is time to be honest with ourselves and truly go deep on an examination, which can lead us to a bigger awareness of life, love, of ourselves and others.

Love is not what you want.

It is what you are.


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