Celtic Ash Moon

The Lunar Divisions are also called the Celtic Tree Months

Celtic Ash Moon is also called Nion, named after a God animal living in lakes. He protects silently without been seen.

The colour related with this month is grass green. This is a phase in which we all should look for peace in nature, places with water will work as an healing tool because emotions are related with water and trees are good at communicating to our emotional self.

This Celtic month is associated with water and people born under this sign are warmhearted and benevolent. They beleive in retribution and have a natural way to work with the laws of the universe.

The tree associated with this lunar cycle, ash, is known to have powers of healing and protecion. In England as a folk remedy for curing warts. Children were often prayed with branches of ash to be cured of cuts and rickets. Ash sticks were used to cure diseases by magic in domestic animals, to trace magic circles and keep away snakes and in Ireland, sticks made of ash trees were used by druids in their magical rituals. In Scotland, ash was used to protect children from sorcerers.

We are different and imperfect,

and through our cracks flows the most brilliant beams of hope

and resilience

and unfloundering gratitude.



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