22.2.2022 portal transcendence

Culmination of the Portals of February

This month we were blessed with several blue space-time portals. Blue because within its multidimensional origin the spectrum radiates a bluish tone. However, as healing energy, I and other channelers, we advise the golden because this divine ray encompasses a range of divine healing, protection and love, ideal for this phase.

What interests us at the moment is precisely today’s portal, 22.2.2022, as well as the culmination and closing of these portals. Today the energy worked focuses on the need for rebirth, of each one of us, for a new reality. It stimulates creativity by working the energy of our inner child and this work will last until November.

It is a very important year in terms of personal development because the need for collective evolution requires it. It’s impossible to talk about these portals without talking about the work you’re going to have all year. And the continuation of this energy is prolonged by asking us to work on idealism, the capacity for materialization, transcendence, spirituality, responsibility, and the emotional.

I ask you, are you willing to go further? Even beyond? Coming out of your shell, out of your bubble and perceiving others, understanding that everything relates and everything affects the whole? understand your mission, your responsibility in everything you do, you feel, think and decide? Come on then!

In this year of master number and this secular portal, I know you know everything you must do, all the rituals, not to talk about rituals that I’m here. It’s to tell you about love! Love for everything around you, love for what you feel inside you, love for you! It’s to remind you of what I’m here for. Do you love yourself? Do you love yourself to the point of feeling that golden ray inside your chest? Knowing you’re so much more than they made you believe? Do you love yourself to the point of feeling all the power of the universe running through your veins?

For today what I want you to do is feel all that power, all that healing energy within you, all the intuition at work, all the strength in your muscles, all the intelligence working for your greater good, all your DNA reminding you, you are a divine being with all the information already inside you!

Meditate, relax, listen to beautiful music, light beautiful candles, take an invigorating bath, take care of you… and remember the previous paragraph!… You can do it! You’re all that and more! You are magnificent, a light to illuminate the path and a divine heart full of love.

Today I ask you to believe in you! Let it be you! Tomorrow I ask that a new, reborn and strong energy can embrace your path with confidence and share that trust with others. Never doubt yourself, know that you are always accompanied and that you are part of the warriors of the universal light! Lots of love always!

“Don’t you know Yet? It is your light that lights the World.”

Jalaluddin Rumi

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