What is akashic records reading?

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First let’s clarify what the akashic records are. It is the subtle and energetic record of all the information relating to our passage through planet Earth. Every time we come here we accumulate more information in this field, in fact, every time we get here the first thing we do is enter this field and make it ours once again to continue the journey.

How do you do it? With the help of a therapist specialized in this area, the field of records is opened and the therapist accesses the information. Depending on the questions that are asked, the therapist obtains visual, intuitive, sensory and auditory answers, from guides as well as “parts” of the patient’s past that present themselves to give some information / advice that they find vital to help the present situation.

What’s it feel like? Is it intense? This is the type of session that requires more dedication on the part of the therapist than from the patient. The goal of a session of reading akashic records is fundamentally: to understand situations, patterns and emotions, to accept, unlock and open paths.

What is observed after one of these sessions is always an invigorating energy, willingness to continue the process of healing and self-knowledge and gratitude for life.

I am a holistic spiritual therapist and use reading akáshicos records as one of my work tools. Contact me at: loveholistic.spiritualtherapies@gmail.com or:

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