What is etheric floral therapy?

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There are several floral therapies but today we will talk about the etheric. A lot of people ask me about florals because they say that as much as they investigate they never get it right. Here it goes!

So what are florals: Impregnations of energy in water!!! Simple, isn’t it? Why complicate it? Etheric florals use energy from Ascended Masters and Archangels. That`s why it`s called etheric, it`s not a floral using material substances; it uses energetic sources.

Taking into account the Divine Ray to which the patient belongs and the respective Master and Archangel, the therapist channels the energy into the water that the patient will ingest.

For what situations is this therapy indicated? From karmic issues to health problems in general, trauma, relationships, finances, profession, etc. all problems will be helped because we all have a divine ray to which we are most connected.

We can be treated with any other ray, depending on what the problem is, because all divine rays are important and at the disposal of all of us. It’s pure divine energy!

There are nuances, including intuitive work accompanying the session so that the treatment is effective; this work is all on the part of the therapist and the patient will be alerted to situations he /she can correct, change and improve.

It is part of this work for the patient to understand, wake up and accept certain things in themselves and in their life so that any treatment done can actually be effective.

There are situations in which on the same day the best ones are felt. The patient will be accompanied to understand how he is reacting to treatment. For my part, i always complement with meditations and energetic exercises, because it reaffirms the desire for healing and focuses the attention of the energy channeled in all the bodies of the patient.

I am a holistic spiritual therapist and use this therapy as one of my work tools. Contact me at: loveholistic.spiritualtherapies@gmail.com or:

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